Were There Giants On Earth

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Were There Giants On Earth
Were There Giants On Earth

Video: Were There Giants On Earth

Video: Were There Giants On Earth
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Ancient literary sources like the Bible tell about giants who once lived on earth - creatures of gigantic growth. Many works of oral folk art also tell about the colossi who lived in the past. To this day, archaeologists find a large number of objects and unusual structures, the size of which is much larger than the usual for people.

Sumerian engraving depicting a seated giant and people
Sumerian engraving depicting a seated giant and people

Who could wield a hammer weighing 140 kilograms?

Near the town of Llandudno, which is located on the north coast of Wales in the UK, there is an ancient copper mine. They are located at an altitude of 220 meters above sea level. The mine, also known as Great Orme, existed on this hill as early as the Bronze Age. Hammers are still found here, the total number of tools found is 2500 pieces.

Orkney stones, Stonehenge, Easter Island statues, megaliths in Egypt, and other ancient structures may have been created by a race of giants. To representatives of modern humanity, these blocks seem incredibly massive.

It is assumed that the mine extended for many kilometers, of which archaeologists have discovered about six. It is also known that it was located nine levels inland and that more than 1,700 tons of copper were mined from it. This is a very impressive achievement for the people of that era, considering that they did not have the power tools that modern people use.

Did giants walk the earth?

If the extraction of copper in such quantities at that time was impossible to accomplish by human efforts, then could not there be a race of giants?

The heaviest hammer today weighs about 44 kilograms. But on average, a blacksmith's hammer is not heavier than 22 kilograms.

An adult can hold a 44 kilogram hammer, but not for long. It is difficult for an ordinary person to even imagine how it is possible to wield such a tool all day long without feeling pain and without sweating. And a hammer weighing 140 kilograms, thousands of which have been found by archaeologists in Great Orme, cannot be lifted by a single person.

So who could handle such heavy instruments? According to the assumption of Ted Tweetmeyer, an American engineer and writer, giants who could pick up such a sledgehammer should be from 3.5 to 5.5 meters tall.

The main question still remains: why did the giants build all these huge structures, and why are there so many of these structures on Earth?

Perhaps these are the very giants mentioned in the Book of Genesis? But the Bible does not tell where they came from: from other galaxies or from another planet in the solar system.

In some translations, the biblical word "Nephilim" means "titan." But another meaning of this word is "fallen." Etymology points to different sources of origin of the word, but if you combine both meanings, then there will be nothing contradictory in the idea of tall foreigners descended to Earth.

If the giants who fell from the sky once really walked on the earth, then, most likely, they landed in more than one place. Traces of their presence - stone monoliths of approximately the same height - can be found in various parts of the world. The blocks that were carved out of the rocks, moved and installed by the giants were hardly higher than themselves.