How To Hang A Horseshoe Correctly

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How To Hang A Horseshoe Correctly
How To Hang A Horseshoe Correctly

Video: How To Hang A Horseshoe Correctly

Video: How To Hang A Horseshoe Correctly
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Since ancient times, the horseshoe has been a symbol of happiness and well-being. It is believed that she will attract good luck and wealth to the house, protecting the family hearth from the evil eye. The main thing is to hang it correctly.

How to hang a horseshoe correctly
How to hang a horseshoe correctly

It is necessary

  • - horseshoe;
  • - a hammer;
  • - nails.


Step 1

According to beliefs, a horseshoe can attract love and good luck, help to receive blessings from higher powers, achieve prosperity and improve health.

Step 2

If the horseshoe is nailed with the ends up, it will help preserve wealth and stability in the house. It is believed that the house in this case will always be a "full cup", and prosperity in it is provided. This horseshoe will attract success, peace and joy to the family. Some proponents of this hanging also believe that the tips pointing upward absorb positive energy from space. And then this energy is distributed throughout the house.

Step 3

When the horseshoe is pointed with the ends down, it protects the house from problems and adversity. Thanks to this form, the family hearth will not be affected by illness, fires, robberies and robberies. And those passing under it will be showered with happiness and good luck.

Step 4

The horseshoe can be nailed to a wicket, wall, or hang over the front door. In some countries, they try to hang it in such a way that it must touch the incoming one. And in others, on the contrary, this cannot be done.

Step 5

A horseshoe nailed to the inside of the door will keep happiness, luck and prosperity in the house. And nailed outside - will protect the hearth from the evil eye, damage and bad things.

Step 6

You can also hang a horseshoe on a transport. It is believed that this will attract good luck along the way, protect against accidents and problems. So, in ancient times, travelers, setting off on a journey, nailed a horseshoe to the bow of the ship.

Step 7

According to some beliefs, in order for the success from the horseshoe to spread to the whole family, each member of it must hold the horseshoe in their hands before being hung.

Step 8

Nail the horseshoe as you like. And if you are lazy, just put it in a prominent place in the house. Indeed, in any case, she will remain a talisman of success and wealth. Will help to achieve prosperity and build peace.