How To Preserve The Ozone Layer

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How To Preserve The Ozone Layer
How To Preserve The Ozone Layer

Video: How To Preserve The Ozone Layer

Video: How To Preserve The Ozone Layer
Video: Science Works: Protecting The Ozone Layer 2023, October

The ozone layer is part of the stratosphere located at an altitude of 12-50 km. A high concentration of ozone is capable of absorbing dangerous ultraviolet rays and, therefore, protecting all life on our planet from lethal radiation.

How to preserve the ozone layer
How to preserve the ozone layer

It is necessary

awareness of the importance of this enterprise


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Preservation of the ozone layer, and therefore of all of our planet, is the business of every person. Therefore, do not think that nothing depends on you.

Step 2

The most dangerous for the ozone layer are freons, the production of which leads to the formation of "ozone holes". Therefore, when buying an air conditioner or refrigerator, pay attention to what the compressor works on. Freon R-22 has been banned since 2010 in many countries, therefore, by purchasing outdated equipment, you deliberately harm the atmosphere.

Step 3

All kinds of sprays and aerosols cause great harm to the ozone layer of the earth. Try to minimize the use of spray chemicals such as deodorants, hair sprays, air fresheners, polishes, etc.

Step 4

It's no secret that one of the main pollutants is car exhaust. Try to drive less private vehicles, preferring public vehicles or, even better, a bicycle. If possible, ditch the car altogether.

Step 5

Green spaces enrich the air with oxygen and prevent the destruction of the ozone layer. Therefore, plant a tree or several trees near the house, in the garden, in the country. Participate in landscaping your own city.

Step 6

Reduce waste and garbage, as recycling will cause irreparable damage to the atmosphere. Therefore, use environmentally friendly bags, avoiding polyethylene. Give preference to bulk rather than packaged goods. Choose an eco-labeled product. Install a water filter, thus refusing to buy bottled water. Try to distribute or sell old shoes, clothes and other things using special resources, and not send them to a landfill.