How Not To Dream In

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How Not To Dream In
How Not To Dream In

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Video: How Not To Dream In
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Some believe that during sleep a person releases repressed feelings and emotions, others think that dreams help release consciousness or solve problems. But colorful and vivid dreams are not always helpful. When such dreams are seen often, it happens that after them it is difficult to get up, and the physical or moral condition deteriorates noticeably. Therefore, the best way to get in shape after waking up is to not dream for a while.

How not to dream
How not to dream


  • - a bed or other place to sleep
  • - sweet weak hot tea
  • - warm milk
  • - consultation of a psychologist


Step 1

The most effective way to avoid dreaming is to be very tired. Do hard and grueling work or exercise. Hire a job as a mover or a construction worker (you can do the same at home, though), or go to the gym. Long-term work or exercise to move heavy weights will properly affect your body, he wants to recuperate.

Step 2

Don't resist it, take a warm shower, and then have a weak sweet tea. Then go to bed. In this case, you either will not see dreams, or simply do not remember them, but in the morning a slight pain in the muscles is possible from the load transferred the day before.

Step 3

Before bed, ask someone to give you a massage. Ask to massage your shoulders and neck, if necessary, you can massage your calves and feet. Then disassemble the bed, open the window in the room and leave it. Warm yourself up some warm or hot milk, have a drink, and head back to your room. Close the window, crawl under the covers, and try to sleep.

Step 4

Solve your obsessive dream problem. To do this, think carefully about what worries you. Look through the dream book and try to use it to determine what your obsessive dreams mean. Try to remember the event that is closest to the result of the interpretation of the dream. Think about what can or should be changed in it.

Step 5

If your dreams begin to affect your physical or mental health in a noticeable way, go to consult a psychologist and tell him in detail about your problem. It is possible that after that he will redirect you to a psychotherapist at the clinic. Find out the therapist's working hours and make an appointment. When talking with your doctor, talk about your concerns and the results of your visit. If you are scheduled for treatment, get the recommended drugs and take as directed by your doctor.