Why Does A Person Live On Earth

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Why Does A Person Live On Earth
Why Does A Person Live On Earth

Video: Why Does A Person Live On Earth

Video: Why Does A Person Live On Earth
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The question of the meaning of life and the purpose of earthly existence has been worrying mankind since time immemorial. Why does a person live on earth? What is its purpose? And does it even exist? People are looking for answers to these questions in philosophy, art, literature and religion. But is there a single correct answer?

Why does a person live on earth
Why does a person live on earth

What is the meaning of your life?

Probably, the person did not immediately think about the meaning of life. For representatives of a primitive society, who lived in harsh conditions and every hour were forced to confront dangers, overcome difficulties and hardships, the meaning of life was biological survival. To do this, it was necessary to provide themselves and their relatives with food, a comfortable home and warm clothing.

The daily life of the ancestors of modern man took place in works and worries. But how much has changed since then? Humanity has received at its disposal technology with its impressive capabilities. Today there is no need to spend days in the woods in search of game. And yet the majority of people are now engaged only in obtaining their daily bread. Work for remuneration, household chores, household chores take up almost all the time. Where is there to think about the meaning of life.

But from time to time, some people still have a question about the purpose of their existence. Was life really given only in order to achieve a high social status, to provide for oneself financially and to continue one's family? Or are there other goals that are invisible in the daily rush? A person especially acutely feels the need to search for answers to such questions at the turning-point and critical moments of his life.

In Search of Meaning: It's Too Early to End

As a result, everyone finds their own answers to questions about their purpose. Some, in search of the vital meaning and purpose of earthly existence, come to God. The thought that beyond the material world there is a supreme being who loves you, appreciates and guarantees the salvation of the soul, brings peace to a person's life.

Immersion in religion helps to maintain a sense of life in the face of incessant stress and pressure from circumstances. But can achieving oneness with God be the true goal of life?

There are other ways for self-realization. Indeed, why seek the Creator outside of oneself, when one can become one himself? And then people plunge into creativity. Behind this is often a vague desire to realize your inner potential, to reveal your abilities and talents, to declare your individuality to the world. Creativity as a goal in life enhances physical and mental longevity, brings joy to everyday life and fills life with real meaning. In this case, it often does not matter in what area and at what level a person creates.

At some point, a creative person begins to realize that her destiny is inextricably linked with the future of humanity. And then all the daily chores, everyday worries and material interests recede into the background.

A person begins to purposefully look for that area of application of his talents, which will make it possible to find himself and become as useful as possible for future generations.

Heinrich Saulovich Altshuller, one of the founders of the scientific theory of creativity, was sincerely convinced that only a worthy goal can give a person's life true meaning. It must meet several requirements: be new, concrete, significant and have social utility ("How to become a genius. The life strategy of a creative personality", GS Altshuller, IM Vertkin, 1994).

Human life on earth would be one-sided and flawed if there was no room for friendship, love, exciting adventures and social success. Of course, the orientation towards creative life in no way cancels out the simple joys of earthly life. And yet, creativity is one of the most powerful ways to find your purpose and put an end to the question of why a person lives on earth. A point that may well turn into an ellipsis that goes into eternity.