What Does It Mean To Start A Riot

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What Does It Mean To Start A Riot
What Does It Mean To Start A Riot

Video: What Does It Mean To Start A Riot

Video: What Does It Mean To Start A Riot
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A riot is a mass protest against the state of affairs existing in a country or city. Riots can be armed and non-violent, with varying degrees of impact.

What does it mean to start a riot
What does it mean to start a riot

The word bunt is translated from Polish as "uprising". Riot is a massive disagreement between the people and the government and is usually expressed in a rather bloody form.

Nonviolent riots

There have also been nonviolent riots in history. These included the expression of civil protest, strikes and demonstrations, but did not result in murders and pogroms. Examples of nonviolent riots include the overthrow of the President of the Philippines in 1986 and the ouster of Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1979.

Revolt in terms of tsarist Russia

In Russia, the tsarist government interpreted the term "rebellion" as an uprising or conspiracy against the state, government or tsar, which aims to change the existing mode of government. The rebels were people who participated in anti-state conspiracies and were preparing for an armed uprising.

Modern revolt - what is it?

Modern types of riots include police riots, prison riots, racial riots, religious riots, student riots, sports riots, and even hunger riots.

Police riot is expressed in opposition to illegal police actions. It usually starts when law enforcement officers begin to attack civilians or provoke them to acts of violence.

Prison riots are acts of mass disobedience in prisons. They are usually directed against the actions of the prison administration, guards or groups of prisoners.

Racial riots are based on ethnicity. The term first went down in history at the end of the 19th century, when riots broke out in the United States due to hostility between white and black populations.

Sometimes there are also religious riots. They begin when too many contradictions accumulate between followers of different religions.

Student riots start in higher education. They are often political in nature. At least this was the case during the student riots in the United States and Europe in 1960-1970.

Sports riots occur when crowds of fans seek to voice their displeasure at the loss of their favorite team. Sporting events are the most common cause of civil strife in the United States. They usually happen in the cities where the winning team is based.

Hunger riots are caused by a lack of provisions. This happens during years of poor harvests. In such cases, crowds of angry people attack shops, farms, homes and government buildings, demanding that they provide them with food.