How To Pass A Polygraph

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How To Pass A Polygraph
How To Pass A Polygraph

Video: How To Pass A Polygraph

Video: How To Pass A Polygraph
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There are not so many situations when you need to go through a polygraph. For example, it is used by some companies to screen new employees when hiring. The polygraph is also used in criminal proceedings. Taking a polygraph can be a big worry, even for those who have nothing to hide. It is necessary to prepare for this procedure in advance.

How to pass a polygraph
How to pass a polygraph

What is a polygraph and what do they want from you

If the further development of the litigation or your employment depends on passing the polygraph, you will probably want to know what this procedure is. There is quite a lot of information on this matter today, you can read about it in books and on specialized Internet resources. The main thing you need to know is that the polygraph does not give accurate results. The effectiveness of such research is constantly growing, however, incorrect results continue to occur.

The reason for the need to undergo a polygraph test can be different. If it is related to a specific incident, you will surely know what is wanted from you. If you are applying for a job, as a rule, no specific information will be expected from you, the goal in this case is to understand your inclination to certain actions related to the upcoming work.


To significantly increase the success of the procedure, you can practice in advance, but this must be done correctly. There are many polygraph testing methods, as well as control tests for them, they can be found on the Internet. Read these procedures carefully and practice before taking a polygraph.

There are many subtleties in the procedure for passing a polygraph. Get as much information as possible about her before taking the test.

Feel confident

Dress as conservatively as possible on the day of your polygraph exam and try to impress those who will be testing. Arriving at the test site, behave confidently, remember that it is possible that you will be monitored even before you are connected to the equipment. This can be a hidden camera, as well as surveillance of people who will be testing.

Excessive sweating can be regarded as an indicator of a lie. Using deodorant the day before and on the day of testing will help to avoid it.

Types of questions

In the process of passing a polygraph, as a rule, three types of questions are asked. First, neutral questions are asked, the answers to which are obvious, for example, "What is your name?" or "How old are you?" Then there are the main questions directly related to the test, for example: "Have you ever sold drugs?" or "Have you ever stolen from your workplace?" At the end of the test, control questions are asked, they are necessary to compare your reaction with reactions to the main questions. As a rule, monosyllabic answers "Yes" or "No" are given to control questions, but answering them honestly is not very pleasant and convenient. Security questions will depend on your previous answers. For example, if you answer to one of the previous questions that you stole, the control question might be, "Are you continuing to steal now?"

Try to always answer "Yes" or "No"

For most questions, monosyllabic answers are sufficient. Never make excuses or try to explain what you mean. You can be provoked to a detailed answer. Don't fall for it if the question doesn't suggest it. Answer questions calmly and politely, but do not give out more information than is really necessary.

Keep calm and answer clearly

In the first half of the test, you need to remain as calm as possible, try to keep your breath at the level of 20-30 breaths per minute, do not take deep breaths. Keeping calm on test questions will be more difficult, but trying to do so is just as necessary. A polygraph test is a serious procedure, do not try to joke or cheat, answer seriously, clearly and without hesitation.