Where Does Persimmon Grow

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Where Does Persimmon Grow
Where Does Persimmon Grow

Video: Where Does Persimmon Grow

Video: Where Does Persimmon Grow
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Persimmon is a subtropical and tropical deciduous or evergreen plant of the Ebony family. Persimmon fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins, magnesium, potassium and carotene. Surprisingly, persimmon is as good as green tea in terms of antioxidant content. It is a pity that persimmon practically does not grow in Russia, it prefers a warmer climate.

Where does persimmon grow
Where does persimmon grow

The homeland of persimmons is China. On the territory of this country, you can find persimmon trees that are more than several hundred years old. Nowadays persimmon grows almost everywhere.

In Europe, persimmon as a cultivated plant appeared in the sixteenth century, became widespread and became one of the favorite delicacies for many. The main factor in the successful cultivation of persimmons is a warm climate, therefore in Russia this crop is cultivated only on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory.

How does persimmon grow?

A persimmon tree can reach a height of fifteen meters, it all depends on the specific variety. The growth of the lowest representatives of this plant is only 3-4 meters. Persimmon blooms most often in May. Fruits-berries reach ripeness only by the end of November, so the harvest takes place in the first half of December. It is interesting that by the time the fruits are harvested, the persimmon has completely lost its deciduous cover, and the berries ripen already on a completely naked tree.

Persimmon fruits on bare branches, somewhat reminiscent of balls of fire, in Asian countries symbolize strength, joy and well-being.

Persimmon is a very fruitful crop, even one tree of the most ordinary variety brings about eighty kilograms of fruit. There are also selective, very productive varieties of persimmon, one such plant is capable of giving its owner up to 300 kilograms of berries.

Today there are more than five hundred varieties of persimmons. However, no more than ten varieties of these beautiful berries are available to the Russian consumer.

Where does the variety "Korolek" grow?

The variety "Korolek" became the most favorite for many, the second name of this variety of persimmons is "chocolate". It is an amazingly tasty fruit with dark flesh, the shape of the berry is slightly flattened, and the skin is bright orange. It is especially pleasant that the ripe "Korolek" does not leave an astringent aftertaste in the mouth.

The persimmon variety "Korolek" has been cultivated for more than two thousand years. Dried persimmons can be used to make an excellent coffee substitute.

The countries in which the "Korolek" is grown on an industrial scale are Japan, China, Mediterranean countries, South Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Crimea. This variety was first introduced to the territory of Crimea from France in the early years of the twentieth century.

Persimmon on the windowsill

This wonderful tree can grow right at home, in an ordinary flower pot. To do this, you only need seeds from a ripe persimmon berry. Keep in mind that the plant takes a long time to germinate; to speed up this process, you can file the seeds a little with a regular nail file.