How To Get A Transport Card

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How To Get A Transport Card
How To Get A Transport Card

Video: How To Get A Transport Card

Video: How To Get A Transport Card
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There are different fare payment schemes in different cities of Russia. Some of them have special transport cards - electronic devices with which you can pay for travel. How do you get such a card?

How to get a transport card
How to get a transport card


  • - money to pay for the cost of the card;
  • - certificate of education at school;
  • - student ticket;
  • - pension certificate or disability document.


Step 1

Decide what type of transit card you need. There are several types of them - for schoolchildren, students, pensioners and general, for other categories of citizens.

Step 2

If you do not have any benefits, buy a regular transport card. This can be done at the metro ticket office or at a special kiosk at major public transport stops. Usually, to purchase such a card, no additional documents are needed - it is issued as an unnamed card. The cost of the device depends on the city in which you live. You can replenish it in the same way through the cash desks.

Step 3

Schoolchildren can also get their card at the box office, but upon presentation of a certificate of study at a secondary educational institution. This card can only be used by the owner, as travel on it is provided at a discount.

Step 4

Students draw up their card in different places, it depends on the city. You can get detailed information from the trade union committee of your university. In some cases, documents - a questionnaire and a photograph - are submitted there, in other situations the card is bought at the box office upon presentation of a student card.

Step 5

If you are a pensioner or disabled person, order your card through social security authorities. You will need to prove your status as a beneficiary with documents.