Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Virgo

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Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Virgo
Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Virgo

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Video: Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Virgo
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People born under the sign of Virgo can be described as workaholics, so stones of strength and endurance from the chalcedony group are suitable for them. It is recommended to emphasize the individuality of Virgos with the help of some quartz. Mercury is considered the patron saint of this sign, therefore it is recommended to wear green stones - emerald, serpentine, etc.

Gems for Virgo
Gems for Virgo


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It is believed that people who were born under the sign of Virgo are distinguished by special diligence, they have an increased sense of responsibility, so they succeed in solving difficulties. For such natures, stones from the chalcedony group are suitable - onyx, carnelian and sardonyx. Onyx contributes to the accumulation of vital energy, relieves Virgo from indecision and suspiciousness. Carnelian stone gives health and protects the owner from ill-wishers. The ancient Egyptians believed that this gem protects a person born on the day of the autumnal equinox from all misfortunes and evil spells. Statuettes are often made from the ornamental mineral sardonyx, such a talisman will bring luck and good luck to the Virgo's house, and also protect against betrayal by a partner.

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Of the transparent quartz, Virgo is more suitable for rhinestone. If a person born under the constellation Virgo wears a ring with a large stone of rock crystal, then he has great chances of becoming a soothsayer. This stone not only helps to predict the future, but also improves thought processes, stabilizes the spiritual state, and heals speech defects. From opaque quartz to Virgo, cat's eye and tiger's eye gems are ideal. These stones protect the owner from evil forces and the evil eye. The tiger's eye helps to defend interests in disputes, it can "grow heavy" in the face of impending danger.

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People born in the Virgo zodiac are suitable for a talisman made of jasper. This stone is replete with flowers, as the concept of "jasper" combines a siliceous rock with various inclusions. Virgins wearing jewelry with jasper are distinguished by decency and benevolence. This stone strengthens the strength of the spirit and gives wisdom to its owner.

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Those born under the constellation Virgo are advised to wear aventurine. This stone of natural origin is ordinary-looking, but it helps the owner to find optimism and find new solutions in achieving the goal. In a jewelry store, a very beautiful-looking artificial aventurine, reminiscent of golden sand, is more often found; such a stone does not have magical properties and simply serves as an ornament.

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All green stones are suitable for Virgos. Emerald is a stone of wisdom, composure and hope. It protects its owner from evil spells. If the owner of an emerald has pure thoughts, then the stone will surely attract wealth.

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Another green stone for Virgo is jade. It is considered a symbol of humanity, intelligence and truthfulness. This gem is suitable for people who are trying to change their lives and gravitate towards knowledge.

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Serpentine or serpentine is associated with the legend about the tempting serpent that killed Eve and Adam. This stone is suitable for Virgos only with an insidious character who want to avoid danger.