How To Sew Shoulder Straps

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How To Sew Shoulder Straps
How To Sew Shoulder Straps

Video: How To Sew Shoulder Straps

Video: How To Sew Shoulder Straps
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For those who are first faced with the need to bring uniforms to their proper appearance, the process of sewing on shoulder straps can seem quite laborious. In any case, first you need to figure out the various ways of attaching shoulder straps to the form, and only then sew.

How to sew shoulder straps
How to sew shoulder straps


  • - a needle;
  • - thread;
  • - thimble;
  • - scissors;
  • - shoulder straps;
  • - tunic;
  • - shirt;
  • - pliers;
  • - tweezers.


Step 1

When sewing on shoulder straps, they are usually guided by the requirements of the charter and orders of various ranks of troops. If you want to sew the epaulettes correctly, then it is better to contact the commander for the rear and directly from him clarify the rules for sewing epaulets.

Step 2

Keep in mind that shoulder straps are not sewn onto the shirt. They can be secured using a regular paper clip by passing it through the button in pursuit. Pass a paperclip through the slot on the shoulder of the shirt and fold inward. If you sew on the buttons on a small thread leg, then the shoulder straps can be constantly fastened and unfastened (for example, for washing a shirt).

Step 3

Usually shoulder straps are sewn to the form along the shoulder seam (the seam that runs along the shoulder). The shoulder seam is not where the sleeve is sewn, but a small stitching line that runs from the sleeve to the collar. The shoulder strap itself is usually sewn one centimeter from this line.

Step 4

Place the shoulder strap with the lower part in support against the transverse seam that connects the sleeve to the shoulder of the tunic. Sew the shoulder strap horizontally across the shoulder. The top edge should go one centimeter behind the transverse seam from above. the distance must be at least five millimeters.

Step 5

Sew the shoulder strap through along the line where the piping and body join. The stitches on the upper part should be very fine so that they are not conspicuous and hold tight.

Step 6

Slightly push back the outer fabric edge of the shoulder strap that hides its base. Pass the needle straight through the seam holes. The shoulder straps are tight enough that you will most likely need a thimble to avoid punching your fingers.

Step 7

Sew the shoulder strap twice around the perimeter. The cut threads should be hidden inward and tied in a knot, and then cut. Do the same with the second shoulder strap

Step 8

Check the quality of the sewing. Pull the sewn shoulder straps in different directions. If the threads do not crack or break, then everything is in order. Otherwise, you should repeat the sewing procedure using smaller stitches.