Who Is Stirlitz

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Who Is Stirlitz
Who Is Stirlitz

Video: Who Is Stirlitz

Video: Who Is Stirlitz
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Stirlitz, he is Vladimirov, he is Isaev, he is Bolzen, he is Eustace, he is Brunn. Was born in 1900 in Transbaikalia. Father - Vladimir Alexandrovich Vladimirov, professor of law at St. Petersburg University, professional revolutionary; mother - Olesya Ostapovna Prokopchuk, daughter of a Ukrainian revolutionary. Max Otto von Stirlitz is a true Aryan, Nordic character, self-possessed. Merciless to the enemies of the Reich. An excellent family man. He had no connections that denigrated him. Standartenfuehrer SS. He's a scout, he's a hero of the Soviet Union, he's a hero of a Soviet TV series, he's a character in a book, he's a hero of anecdotes, Internet games and memes, he's an artist Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov as Stirlitz
Vyacheslav Tikhonov as Stirlitz


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The hero of 14 works by Julian Semyonov was born thanks to the writer’s acquaintance with the scout Rudolf Abel, who became one of the prototypes of the literary hero. But Stirlitz is a collective image. His prototypes were the scout Willie Lehman, who was shot by the Nazis in 1942, and Isaya Isaevich Borovogoi, and a number of other soldiers of the invisible front.

Step 2

The fame of the literary character was brought by the twelve-part television film "Seventeen Moments of Spring", based on the novel of the same name from the trilogy "Position" by director Tamara Lioznova in 1973.

Step 3

The character, played by Vyacheslav Tikhonov, forever merged with his performer, and, subsequently, for many years the artist had to break the stereotype that had developed about himself. Which, however, he always succeeded brilliantly. But, meanwhile, the visual image of the hero, created by Yulian Semyonov, will forever be assigned to the appearance of Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

Step 4

This is proved by the series that appeared in 2009, which tells about the early years of the life and work of the future Stirlitz. For the role of Maxim Maksimovich Isaev, the artist Daniil Strakhov, psychophysically consonant with Tikhonov, was selected.

Step 5

In the film "Seventeen Moments of Spring" Stirlitz is shown in the last months of World War II, when one of his main tasks set by the Soviet command was to disrupt Operation Sunrise / Crossword: negotiations between representatives of the special services of Nazi Germany and the United States on the surrender of part of the German troops, and for the conclusion of a separate peace bypassing the USSR.

Step 6

Having gone through many difficult moments, with the help of a cleverly thought up intrigue, under the constant threat of exposure, Stirlitz fulfills the task and saves people who have become close to him.

Step 7

Stirlitz is a hero of two times: the one during which the book hero lives and acts and the time when the film was created. The book hero, by the will of the author, was more free in his actions and decisions, mistakes and miscalculations.

Step 8

The hero of the film was born in an era of stagnation. Therefore, like a real Soviet man, he could not be wrong in principle. If it were not for the saving talent of Vyacheslav Tikhonov, with his ability to remain silent in the frame and play meditation for long film seconds - by the way, now this skill is completely lost among contemporary artists - the Stirlitz meme might not have been born.

Step 9

A hero who is “alone in the field”, a person who independently makes decisions and does his hard work, not because of loyalty to the party and the government, but only because these are his convictions, could not fail to arouse the subconscious admiration of the masses, whose life was regulated to the limit.

Step 10

The cinematic Stirlitz's thought process, which was never interrupted for a second, caused a storm of quiet delight. Seeing how a person thinks, analyzes, thinks intensely, constantly, and the action moves exclusively following his thought process - it was unexpectedly beautiful and exciting. No wonder in the science of socionics the name "Stirlitz" is assigned to one of the psychotypes characterized as a logical-sensory extrovert.