What Is The Foundation

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What Is The Foundation
What Is The Foundation

Video: What Is The Foundation

Video: What Is The Foundation
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Any structure will be unreliable and short-lived if its base is fragile. This applies equally to both physical and spiritual matters. The foundation (foundation) is laid during the construction of houses, bridges, garages, etc., it is also a reference point for the construction of deductive theories. The concept of "base" has several meanings. There are eight of them in the explanatory dictionary of Efremova.

What is the foundation
What is the foundation


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One of the meanings of the word "base", which is mentioned first in the list of enumerations, implies a process of action (from the word base). As an example, we can cite such phrases as “foundation of Moscow”, “foundation of the Kremlin”, etc. Such phrases are most often found in history books (textbooks, manuals, etc.) and mean the date of construction of cities or buildings.

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The second meaning of the word is close enough to the first in meaning. The foundation is also the beginning of the existence of something. For example, the founding of an empire or a city.

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The third meaning of the word "foundation" came to us from physics. This is the name of the lower supporting part of the object. The rest of the structure, which directly depends on the base, are attached to it.

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The fourth meaning of the word also came to us from the exact sciences. Synonyms for this concept are terms such as "position", "source material", etc. In this case, the use of the word "foundation" is appropriate when it comes to the most important side of something, some weighty argument. For example, the basis for suspicion (suspicion is based on some fact, which is the main argument), the basis for joy (reason for joy).

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The foundation is also the starting positions, postulates, theories, etc. (scientific vocabulary).

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The sixth meaning of this word is argumentation. This concept means the cause of something. For example, the basis for arrest is a warrant, for the issuance of benefits - sick leave, etc. In this regard, the basis is an official document, upon presentation of which you receive certain responses (as an option, benefits).

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This term is also found in geometry. The base is the figure or plane of a geometric body, perpendicular to their height.

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This concept is found in another exact science - chemistry. It denotes a compound of substances (acids) that form a salt.