What Is A Criterion

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What Is A Criterion
What Is A Criterion

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Video: What Is A Criterion
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The criterion can be called natural or artificial dependence, which is found in mathematics, control theory, nature and in human sensations. The criterion forces us to change the system or the whole organism in such a way that it itself can be minimized or maximized, but at the same time it will push the system towards maximum integrity.

What is a criterion
What is a criterion


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The criteria of the truth of knowledge, which are logical or empirical, are especially distinguished. The criteria of truth are the laws of logic, in which everything that is logically correct and does not contain any contradictions is considered to be true. In empirical methods, the truth is what corresponds to the data obtained from the experiment.

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The criterion can serve as an assessment of a particular action or process. On its basis, an assessment or classification of an object takes place.

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There are also special criteria of optimality, which are characteristic indicators for solving the problem, according to which the optimality of the obtained solution is estimated, i.e. maximum satisfaction of the requirements put forward. Optimization is based on finding the best solution for a specific problem with given parameters. Everything is complicated by the fact that during the characterization of an object it is difficult to choose a separate criterion, which will be the key one and will ensure the fullness of the requirements.

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There are also progress criteria that act as an increase in the levels of organization of the system, which is reflected in the integration of its elements and an increase in the degree of integrity, adaptive capabilities, functional efficiency, which gives a high potential for further development.

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The criterion of nature is the general predestination of nature to satisfy its own integrity and the integrity of its certain forms.

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The global criterion is the main criterion that sits at the top of the criterion tree and subordinates all other parameters and interdependencies.

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The criterion style of behavior is a free style with the ability to choose certain decisions in accordance with one's own assessment field and worldview, and not through roles in a certain scenario and situation.