How To Find A Person In Moldova

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How To Find A Person In Moldova
How To Find A Person In Moldova

Video: How To Find A Person In Moldova

Video: How To Find A Person In Moldova
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It used to take a lot of time to find a person in another country. But with the development of the Internet and all the opportunities provided to it, this procedure has become much easier. Now you only need to know the addresses of the relevant sites or use the services of search engines and email.

How to find a person in Moldova
How to find a person in Moldova

It is necessary

access to the Internet


Step 1

Contact the passport office of the city in which, according to your assumptions, the wanted person is. You can send an official request via the Internet by finding the desired address on one of the information resources of the network.

Step 2

Go to the site "" in the section "Help". Here you can find many useful phone numbers of various organizations that provide assistance, including in finding people. In addition, in the site interface, on the left side of the window, there is a field for comments by visitors to the resource. Here people describe in detail who they are looking for in Moldova.

Step 3

Use the services of the website of the "National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova". The more complete and accurate the data provided by you about the person you are looking for, the more likely the higher the percentage of successful searches.

Step 4

If you know which of the organizations in Moldova the wanted person works, look for its official website in the directories of companies in this country, and also, simply by entering the name of the organization and its location in the search bar of your browser. The official website must have a feedback form, using which you can find out something about their employee. You can enter only the name and surname of the person in the search bar of the browser, as well as the country and city in which he is presumably located (if you do not know anything else about him).

Step 5

Look for a person through social networks such as "My World", "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", "Twitter" and others. Register online and enter its data in the search box: last name, first name, age (if known), country - Moldova, the intended city of residence.

Step 6

Ask for help in the TV show "Wait for Me" on its official website. After registering on it, fill out a special search form by entering the details of the wanted person.