How To Open A Lock On A Suitcase

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How To Open A Lock On A Suitcase
How To Open A Lock On A Suitcase

Every year there are more and more travel suitcases with combination locks. And this is dictated by security considerations. Of course, if a thief steals the suitcase himself, he can simply rip open its walls and pull out the contents. However, it is extremely difficult to do so that the owner of the suitcase does not notice. But it is easy to discreetly open the zipper and pull out, for example, a wallet, if there is no lock on the suitcase. However, sometimes people wonder how to change the code set by the manufacturer and then open such a suitcase.

How to open a lock on a suitcase
How to open a lock on a suitcase


Step 1

First you need to determine what type of lock is installed on your travel suitcase. Locks are hinged and fixed. The method of opening it, as well as the installation of a code cipher, depends on what type of this device is on your suitcase.

Step 2

By default, the manufacturer sets the standard settings for all locks - this is a combination of all zeros. Therefore, if you have not changed the combination yet, turn the wheels on the lock until each of them stops at zero. The lock will be released and you can open the suitcase. To change the code, proceed as described below.

Step 3

If the lock on your suitcase is of a fixed type, find the button that is responsible for the lock, which is usually located on the side wall. It looks like a small lever or depression. Find some sharp object and press the button with it, or move it to another position (upward to the right), if it is a lever. Without releasing the button (switch), enter the required combination by turning the dials, remember it, then release the button or lever, close the suitcase.

Step 4

In the case of a padlock, proceed as follows. You need to pull the metal arc, then rotate it 90 or 180 degrees (depending on the manufacturer). The lock will open. Next, push the essence in the same arc inward and do not let go. On the dials, fix the number that you want to use as a cipher, remember it, and then release the arc.

Step 5

If for some reason you forgot the code of the lock, it will be very problematic to open the suitcase. Try to iterate over the possible combinations first. Sometimes smooth rotation of the dial helps. You may hear a slight click - this will indicate that the number is correct. Match the numbers on the rest of the dials in the same way. If all else fails, go to the workshop.