How To Grow A Good Harvest Of Cucumbers

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How To Grow A Good Harvest Of Cucumbers
How To Grow A Good Harvest Of Cucumbers

Video: How To Grow A Good Harvest Of Cucumbers

Video: How To Grow A Good Harvest Of Cucumbers
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Cucumbers can be grown both in the southern and northern regions. There are two key conditions for a good harvest: the choice of a zoned variety and the construction of film covering structures (if there is a threat of low temperatures). With proper agricultural technology, cucumbers from one garden bed can provide a family of 3 people.

How to grow a good harvest of cucumbers
How to grow a good harvest of cucumbers

It is necessary

  • - the soil;
  • - seeds;
  • - fertilizers;
  • - water;
  • - shovel;
  • - watering can.


Step 1

Decide how you will grow your cucumbers. If we are talking about the central regions of Russia, they can be grown in open ground; for the northern regions, the construction of greenhouses is mandatory. Also, the greenhouse or greenhouse growing method is chosen by those who want to get an early harvest. Greenhouses are characterized by solidity: the foundation and glass frames are removable or permanent. Greenhouses are usually arched structures covered with plastic wrap.

Step 2

Prepare the ground. Follow the crop rotation and do not grow cucumbers for more than 3 years in a row in one place. Such consistency is undesirable due to the leaching of the same nutrients from the soil, which ultimately leads to its depletion. It is also undesirable to grow vegetables in one place due to the increased risk of diseases.

Step 3

Germinate seeds for seedlings. It is better to take 20-30% more seeds, because recently, mainly hybrid varieties have been used, and they do not have a very high germination capacity. It is worth germinating cucumbers in a weak solution of humic fertilizers (you can take "Ideal"). When small sprouts appear, the seeds must be planted in the soil prepared in advance. A mixture consisting of equal parts of garden soil, compost and rotted manure is suitable. Remember that cucumber is one of the few crops that tolerates fresh manure, but at the same time, the use of rotted manure is more preferable in this case. At the stage of the 3rd true leaf, cucumber seedlings should be dived.

Step 4

Dig up the ground in the garden bed, greenhouse or greenhouse in the fall and add double superphosphate. In the spring, about a week or two before planting, fill the area with organic mineral fertilizers. It is better to plant cucumbers in a permanent place in a checkerboard pattern, trying not to thicken the planting.

Step 5

Take care of the cucumbers by watering and loosening the soil every other day. During the beginning of budding, feed them with infusion of fermented weeds or manure. When the cucumbers bloom, water only at the root. When growing in closed structures, remember to provide ventilation. It will protect plantings from such dangerous diseases as gray rot.

Step 6

Feed your cucumbers at least 3-4 times per season. Before flowering, they are responsive liquid fertilizing with nitrogenous fertilizers. Improves the formation of ovaries by fertilizing with potassium nitrate. Feeding with microelements increases the duration of fruiting.