How To Measure Wind Speed

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How To Measure Wind Speed
How To Measure Wind Speed

Video: How To Measure Wind Speed

Video: How To Measure Wind Speed
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Wind is that natural factor that a person cannot but reckon with. The force of the wind influences the speed of movement of ships, although they have no sails for a long time. The wind allows or hinders the operation of high-rise cranes, turns millstones, and provides electricity. The wind can cause catastrophic destruction.

How to measure wind speed
How to measure wind speed

It is necessary

  • - Weather vane-anemometer;
  • - manual anemometer;
  • - stopwatch;
  • - conversion tables.


Step 1

The most common way to determine the strength of the wind, one might say domestic, is to install it on the roof or on a freestanding wind vane-anemometer mast.

Such devices are produced by our industry. On a massive and mandatory basis during the Soviet era, they were supplied to all schools for the arrangement of meteorological sites.

If you wish, you can make a similar wind vane-anemometer with your own hands. The wind speed here is determined by the deflection of the hinged metal board relative to the eight pins.

The table then determines the value of the wind speed corresponding to the pin of the sector.

Step 2

In conditions of an unattached location - in a campaign, geological exploration, this method is widely used on ships - wind speeds, both for short and long periods of time, are conveniently measured using a manual mechanical anemometer.

To measure wind speed with a hand-held anemometer, you will need another stopwatch. Going out into the wind, simultaneously with the release of the anemometer from the brake, you start the stopwatch. After, for example, a minute, the anemometer is locked and readings are taken.

The average wind speed will be the quotient of the dial reading by 60.

For example, V = 480: 60 = 8 m / s.

This gives you an average wind speed of 60 seconds. For greater accuracy, you can lengthen the measurement time or take repeated measurements at short intervals.

Step 3

Finally, you can determine the strength of the wind by external signs. Look around - under the influence of the wind, smoke rises from a chimney or from a fire at different slopes, tree branches bend or break, on water bodies or a mirror-like surface, or ripples rise, and with a stronger wind, waves roll over.

In this case, you can determine the approximate wind strength from the tables.

Step 4

Wind speed measurement table.