What Does The Name Karina Mean

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What Does The Name Karina Mean
What Does The Name Karina Mean

The name Karina is translated in different ways: from Latin it is “looking forward”, from Slavic - “mourning”, from Greek - “girl”, from Italian - “sweetheart”. There are also many versions about the origin of the name. The Slavic version refers to the goddess of the same name who accompanies funeral rites.

What does the name Karina mean
What does the name Karina mean

Karina's character

Karina is endowed with determination and a lively mind, she is very energetic and mobile. With all his might, this person will try to avoid everyday routine, because she is constantly in motion. Karina's temperament is somewhat explosive, it is easy to piss her off. Karina is not distinguished by the rationality of her actions, she often acts on the first impulse.

Karina is very fond of everyone's attention, because she has a penchant for demonstrative behavior. She rarely has low self-esteem, more often the opposite. Karina with all her appearance expresses inaccessibility, while striving to subjugate those around her. The weak point of this girl is impatience, which can interfere with the achievement of large-scale success.

This is an extremely proud person, which to some extent even attracts others to her. However, she runs the risk of overly plunging into her selfishness and being left alone. Therefore, Karina's unrestrained energy is best directed to self-improvement, and it is also worth learning patience.

Karina in everyday life

In business, Karina is not used to making concessions, she enters into a confrontation. Only strong personalities can withstand its onslaught, defeat from them is very difficult. Self-esteem is another weak point, it is very easy to hurt him, Karina does not tolerate jokes in her address.

Karina also makes rather severe demands on herself, which a strong character helps to fulfill. With such qualities, she is great at coping with life's problems. Stubbornness and diversity of interests often lead Karina to a variety of hobbies: dancing, music, science. She can become a talented actress.

Karina will excel in professional areas that involve communication with people. She has great intuition, which helps to find an approach to each person. But at the same time Karina is mercantile, work should bring her a lot of money.

Karina is not distinguished by her industriousness, as well as by her love of household affairs. At the same time, she adores her family, takes care of loved ones in every possible way, pampers her children. Karina often gets married very early, due to her impulsiveness, and not always successfully.

Karina is poorly adapted to living conditions, she is quickly tired of the household routine. She begins to be more and more dissatisfied, expressing claims to her husband for any reason. In love, this is an infinitely sensual and sexy girl. She is usually attractive in appearance and has no shortage of admirers.