What Does The Name Yana Mean

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What Does The Name Yana Mean
What Does The Name Yana Mean

Video: What Does The Name Yana Mean

Video: What Does The Name Yana Mean
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Yang's name comes from the male name Yang. It came from the Hebrew - "the mercy of God." The name Jan is very common in Slavic countries, but in Russia it is not very popular.

What does the name Yana mean
What does the name Yana mean

General characteristics of the name Jan

From birth, she is stubborn and selfish. Yana's character is complex, and it is difficult enough for her to please. Constantly throws tantrums, asking for another purchase, while the opinion of adults does not interest her at all. Since childhood, he likes to show off, especially expensive things. At school to study at 3, it takes a long time to get up and get up badly in the morning. The rather arrogant Yana falls in love too early, but tries not to show her feelings.

Growing up, Yana becomes calmer, but her childish capriciousness sometimes makes itself felt. She is her father's favorite, so she tries to find a husband to match him. Yana constantly needs to please and look after. Often the husband is satisfied with his chosen one. Yana loves her children very much and pampers them all the time.

Although her character does not prevent her from having a large number of friends. Among the male society, Yana knows how to present herself, is easy-going, and people like her for her cheerful disposition. She never regrets money for her appearance.

What month to call a girl Yana

Yana's name is perfect for women born between July 23 and August 23 under the sign of Leo. This sign will help her acquire purposefulness, add fiery energy to her.

Love and marriage

In marriage, Yana considers herself a leader and constantly argues with her husband. For Yana, a gentle man is needed who would be able to close his eyes to the unbearable character of his wife. Only then will her house be filled with love and understanding. Quite often, Yana does not get along with her mother-in-law, but for her children she becomes a real, loving and kind mother.

Yana is very fond of male society. She can easily manipulate men, for her they are like an open book. Often in a relationship, Yana behaves like a capricious girl who wants her desires to be fulfilled. This behavior is inherent in married Yans.


Yana often achieves her goals. As a career path, she may choose to work as a teacher, healthcare professional, or art worker. She can be successful in acting, advertising and service.

Yana is quite successful in business, especially in real estate.

For Yana, it is necessary to go in for sports, because she is often prone to depression and mood swings. She is best suited for tennis, dancing, swimming, skiing or hiking.


Yana can easily connect her life with Artyom, Leonid, Alexei, Cyril, Maxim or Sergei.

You should not connect your fate with Andrey, Alexander, Igor, Vitaly, Semyon or Nikita.