How Auchan Works In

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How Auchan Works In
How Auchan Works In

Video: How Auchan Works In

Video: How Auchan Works In
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Auchan is the Russian name for hypermarkets and supermarkets owned by the French corporation Groupe Auchan SA. By June 2014, Auchan stores were opened in 22 Russian cities.

How Auchan works in 2017
How Auchan works in 2017


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In total, there are about 3,000 stores in the world owned by Groupe Auchan SA. They are located in 13 countries. There are four different types of Auchan trade establishments in the Russian Federation: Auchan grocery hypermarkets, Auchan-City supermarkets, Ashan Sad chain of stores and Nasha Rainbow stores.

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Auchan grocery hypermarkets are the main format of the retail chain. The first Russian store of this type was opened in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Region, on August 28, 2002. These trading establishments are distinguished by a large area and a significant variety of goods.

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In December 2007, Groupe Auchan SA signed an agreement on the transfer of the Ramstore trading network with the Turkish company Enka. As a result of the rebranding, Ramstore stores were named Auchan City. These trading platforms differ from Auchan hypermarkets in smaller size and advantageous location in the central and densely populated residential areas of cities.

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Supermarkets "Ashan-Sad" specialize in goods for the garden and country houses, decorative items and goods for animals. This is the smallest type of Auchan trading floor in Russia. At the moment there are only 5 such stores.

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In 2009, Groupe Auchan SA began the implementation of a new advanced project “Nasha Raduga” in Russia. The stores of this chain can be called “supermarkets of the XXI century”. Trade activities are organized here based on the principles of manufacturability, economy of human and energy resources. In such a store, there are no usual sellers and cashiers. Buyers choose themselves, pack in bags and weigh the products, and then scan them and pay for the purchase in special payment terminals. Now in Russia there are 6 Nasha Raduga hypermarkets.

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The mode of operation of various types of trading enterprises "Auchan" in different cities of the Russian Federation may differ from each other. Most of Moscow's Auchan hypermarkets are open from 8:30 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays and from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. All Auchan City stores in Moscow are open daily from 8:00 to 23:00. On holidays, outlets of Groupe Auchan SA in Russia, as a rule, work on weekends. On, the official Russian-language website of Groupe Auchan SA, you can check the opening hours of any Auchan store in the Russian Federation.