How To Name A School Group

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How To Name A School Group
How To Name A School Group

Video: How To Name A School Group

Video: How To Name A School Group
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When organizing a musical group or a vocal and instrumental ensemble at a school, you should take care not only of the repertoire, premises or material base. It is also important to come up with a name for the team - a beautiful and memorable one.

How to name a school group
How to name a school group


Step 1

Don't give the group a name that already exists. And it's not just plagiarism. You don't have to try to be the second "Ice Zeppelin", "Beatles" or "Aquarium" - it still won't work. Strive to become not the second, but the first of its kind!

Step 2

But it is quite possible to parody the name of an existing group. Only so that the result comes out sonorous. "Klassnyary" or "Klaskovy May"? Why not.

Step 3

Avoid names that are funny, ear-catching, or just plain ridiculous. Do not try, for example, to call the group "Crocodiles", "Thunderstorm of the Fizruk" or "Spinal Cord Hackers".

Step 4

Check out the tutorials. How many different terms are hidden behind their covers! "Tangent", "Doppler effect", "Neuron", "Vers libre". But remember that not all scientific terms are euphonic. Having called the collective, for example, "Mitochondria" or "Dielectric", do not be surprised at the half-empty hall.

Step 5

However, why should the name of the ensemble be necessarily associated with school subjects? After all, among the visitors to your concerts there will be students themselves, who want to take a break from their studies at least in the assembly hall. It might be worth coming up with a lyrical name for the band. Open, for example, a florist's guide. Among the many color names, you will quickly find the right one. Only then, using the search engine, find out if there is a second group with the same name somewhere. Similarly, you can find a name for the collective among the names of birds.

Step 6

Agree on the ideas for the name of the ensemble with the teacher of the Russian language and literature. He has a philological education, and therefore, better than others, he will be able to determine their euphoniousness. Once you have finalized the name of the team, develop several options for the design of its logo. In the future, the chosen version of the emblem can be applied to posters, tickets, souvenirs, musical instruments, stage decorations and even t-shirts of performers.