How To Translate Company Names

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How To Translate Company Names
How To Translate Company Names

Video: How To Translate Company Names

Video: How To Translate Company Names
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English has the status of an international language, so Russian translators often face the need to translate the names of organizations into English-Russian and Russian-English. At the same time, it is important not only to correctly convey the name of the company itself, but also to give a correct idea of its organizational and legal form.

How to translate company names
How to translate company names


Step 1

In English-Russian translation, avoid Russification. This applies, first of all, to the organizational and legal forms of organizations. It is wrong to replace the American LLC with the Russian LLC, CJSC - ZAO, and JSC - OJSC, although in essence the corresponding organizational and legal forms are similar to each other. The fact is that, meeting the abbreviation "LLC", "CJSC" or "OJSC" in the text, the reader will implicitly conclude that this is a Russian company registered in the Russian Federation and acting on the basis of the legislation of our country. The authenticity of the name of the legal form of a foreign company is ensured by the transcription, so the correct translation would be: LLC - LLC, JSC - JSC, CJSC - CJS, etc. This rule applies to not only American, but any foreign companies. Also translate the brand name itself using the transcription method. Written in Russian, the name of the company must be enclosed in quotation marks, for example, Flowers, LLC - "Flowers, LC".

Step 2

As agreed with the customer, duplicate the first mention of the company name in the text with the English spelling given in brackets: Flowers, LLC. It is not forbidden to duplicate the name every time the company is mentioned.

Step 3

In the English-Russian translation of legal texts, with the consent of the customer, leave the name of the organization in the original language unchanged: Flowers, LLC. Written in Latin letters, the name should not be highlighted in quotes.

Step 4

In the Russian-English translation, the name of the Russian organizations should be translated by transliteration. There are several transliteration systems: the US Library of Congress system, the ISO 9-1995 system, and others. Agree in advance with the client of the translation which system should be used. By default, use a system approved by GOST R 52535.1 - 2006 (Appendix 1).

Step 5

In marketing, educational literature, direct translation of the name of the organizational and legal form of a company with an indication of its country of origin is allowed. For example:

Flowers, LLC - Flowers Limited Liability Company (USA);

LLC "Flowers" - LLC "Сvety" (Limited Liability Company) or Сvety, LLC (Russia).

Step 6

When translating fiction, use company names more freely. First of all, think over how to give the name of the company so that it fits harmoniously into the text of the work, and the meaning put by the author is not lost.

Step 7

In the case of a reverse translation, when, for example, you need to translate the English version of a document in which the name of a Russian company appears written in English, always return to the exact original name.