How To Behave On A Tram

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How To Behave On A Tram
How To Behave On A Tram

Video: How To Behave On A Tram

Video: How To Behave On A Tram
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Modern city dwellers spend quite a lot of time on public transport. As in any public place, certain ethical principles must be adhered to in the tramway.

How to behave on a tram
How to behave on a tram


Step 1

According to the general unspoken rule, women, children, old people, and the disabled are the first to enter the salon of any public transport. Help them get on the tram, but only when they themselves ask you to. If you see an older person having difficulty getting on public transport, subtly offer your services. Be sure to remove your backpack or large gym bag from your shoulders before boarding the tram, as these things can interfere with other people.

Step 2

All seats are primarily occupied by the above categories of passengers. Moreover, men sit down only when there are a lot of unoccupied seats in the cabin or other fellow travelers standing nearby do not mind. Do not offer your seat to another passenger with a silent nod, but rather politely and tactfully say, "Please, sit down."

Step 3

Prepare money and travel documents in advance, so that your searches do not interfere with fellow travelers and do not waste time from the conductor. Try not to pay for travel with very large bills, the controller may simply not have change or you will receive a large number of small coins.

Step 4

Do not look closely at other passengers while traveling. You should not look into the newspaper, book or mobile phone of your fellow traveler. If you are traveling with a friend, talk to him in a low voice, without drawing the attention of the entire cabin. Do not discuss your personal problems in public, do not make your own life public.

Step 5

Even in a crowded tram, do not lean on other people, do not push when exiting, do not step on your fellow passengers' feet. If such a nuisance does occur, be sure to apologize to the victims.

Step 6

Men or younger people should be the first to get off the tram. Moreover, the man helps everyone who needs it - he gives his hand to an elderly lady or helps a young mother to take out the stroller.