How To Behave During An Explosion

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How To Behave During An Explosion
How To Behave During An Explosion

Video: How To Behave During An Explosion

Video: How To Behave During An Explosion
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An explosion of any power poses a great danger to the health and life of a person and his loved ones. That is why it is important to know how to behave in such a situation.

How to behave during an explosion
How to behave during an explosion


Step 1

The very first and most important thing that needs to be done to save your life in an explosion is to lie down, covering your head with your palms. Open your mouth to avoid damaging the eardrums from the blast.

Step 2

If you know and feel that an explosion is about to thunder, take cover. Choose a concrete fence, house wall, or any solid structure as an obstacle. In an open area, use a sidewalk curb for cover.

Step 3

Do not seek shelter behind wooden, glass, or plastic shelters. Such materials, turning into fragments, kill people. Also, don't hide behind billboards. Such constructions are unsafe and can ruin by covering you with themselves.

Step 4

When you realize that the blast has passed, do not rise immediately. Without moving, examine yourself, then feel your legs, arms. Check the body for fractures and wounds. If any are found, take care of reducing blood loss. Make bandages out of the shreds of your clothing. After standing up, take a look around, perhaps someone needs your help.

Step 5

Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or clothing if smoke escapes. Try not to panic and move intelligently in space. If the explosion occurred in a confined space, in the event of a crush, get closer to the walls, trying not to fall. If possible, wait for the bulk of the people to subside.

Step 6

In a nuclear explosion, do not look at a fireball or flash to avoid being blinded. To protect yourself from radioactive fallout, hide in a basement or other building, the walls of which are made of brick or concrete.

Step 7

If you were deliberately warned of a possible explosion and were able to reach a home or public shelter, do not leave it until officials have informed the public that it is safe.