What To Do When You Quit Smoking

What To Do When You Quit Smoking
What To Do When You Quit Smoking

Video: What To Do When You Quit Smoking

Video: What To Do When You Quit Smoking
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It is insanely difficult to fight your bad habits, especially when it comes to smoking. How should one behave when a strong desire to quit cigarettes has already been accepted? What will help you not to break loose and not smoke again?

What to do when you quit smoking
What to do when you quit smoking

Quitting smoking is difficult enough, but with any smoking experience it is quite possible. The only question is willpower. If you are lucky with temperament, the process of quitting smoking can be almost painless. There is a special category of people who hate being dependent on anything in this life. They can end any addiction in one moment, including nicotine addiction. But such people are few. Most people still have a hard time coping with cigarette addiction. But you can help them too.

What can make it easier to quit nicotine use and lead to a cigarette-free life?

1. Health examination

More often than not, people quit smoking abruptly when they find out that something is wrong with their body. Doctor's verdict: "cigarettes or life" is the most powerful motivator to quit smoking. Experienced smokers often have dangerous diseases, but they do not always know about it. Moreover, even malignant tumors at the initial stage, as a rule, do not cause concern.

2. Filtering the environment

It is very difficult to get rid of nicotine addiction by regularly being in the company of smokers. First, there is a great temptation to smoke "for the company". Besides, secondhand smoke is more harmful than active one. Therefore, when quitting smoking, try to reduce contact with smokers at least for the first time.

3. Throwing together is more effective

Nothing helps to quit smoking like the support of a loved one. Especially if he finds himself in the same position as you. Therefore, many couples in love, friends, relatives tie up with cigarettes together and subsequently achieve the desired result.

4. You can't trust advertising

Lightweight cigarettes, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes - what entrepreneurs can't think of to make a fortune. As practice shows, all these methods do not bring the desired effect. Even treatment in a narcological clinic under the supervision of a psychologist, with the use of hypnosis, does not always help to quit smoking once and for all. Especially if a person deep down does not want to do this.

5. The decision to quit smoking

This is probably the most important step in the fight against smoking. It is important to want to give up cigarettes. The reason for this decision may be various reasons: the struggle for health and longevity, the desire to look better, the unwillingness to spend money on cigarettes, etc.

6. Faith

Vera has saved people in difficult life situations more than once. Surely, among your acquaintances there are those who were able to quit smoking with the help of faith alone. You cannot quit smoking if you do not believe inside that you are capable of it.

7. Find activities

Many people smoke to distract themselves, to keep their hands busy. Come up with interesting hobbies that will solve your problem. It can be anything: drawing, writing poetry, games, photography, etc.

8. Food instead of cigarettes

Some people believe that seeds, nuts and all kinds of sweets can help to quit smoking. True, from the latter, another problem of our time arises - caries. But, probably, caries is still more humane than cancer.

9. Related materials

The harm from smoking is the topic of many books, articles, TV shows, videos. All these materials are useful to study, especially if you have great impressionability and suggestibility.

10. The path to harmony

Healthy sleep, proper nutrition, moderate exercise, walks in the fresh air, lack of stress and bad thoughts will help you quit smoking faster. The development of the physical body and spirituality, personal self-improvement are important steps on the path to the cherished life without cigarettes.