How To Grow An Avacado From A Seed

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How To Grow An Avacado From A Seed
How To Grow An Avacado From A Seed

Video: How To Grow An Avacado From A Seed

Video: How To Grow An Avacado From A Seed
Video: ★ How to: Grow Avocado from Seed (A Complete Step by Step Guide) 2023, September

Many fans of exotic indoor plants want to grow an avocado at home. The tree will not bear fruit, but it will delight household members and guests with its spectacular appearance. You don't need to be an experienced gardener to grow an avocado.

How to grow an avacado from a seed
How to grow an avacado from a seed


Step 1

Choose the ripe and ripe fruit from the fruit. A seed from an unripe avocado is unlikely to sprout, so you need to choose a ripe fruit - its pulp should be juicy and slightly squeezed when pressed. Remove the bone from it by carefully cutting the fruit.

Step 2

Germinate the seed. Make several holes from the blunt end of the bone, insert matches or toothpicks there, set the structure in a container of water. Moreover, the bone should only touch the water with its blunt end. The second option is to make holes in the middle of the bone and insert toothpicks into them - on these devices, which need to be placed on the edges of the glass, the bone will be held above the water. The water level must be constantly monitored and the necessary liquid topped up. The seed should be germinated until small roots appear and a green sprout grows from the upper end.

Step 3

Transplant the plant. Prepare a suitable soil - mix peat with finely crushed expanded clay. Dip the bone with the blunt end down and lightly sprinkle it with earth, but not completely - the upper, pointed tip should rise above the level of the pot. Water the ground well, and cover the sprout with a cap on top (this can be an ordinary glass jar or a dense plastic bag).

Step 4

Create favorable conditions for plant growth and development. Avocados love warmth and moisture. Provide good drainage in the pot - sprinkle pebbles on the bottom of the container. It is not necessary to water the plant abundantly, it is enough to provide optimal moisture and regularly spray the above-ground parts.

Step 5

Avoid placing the avocado pot in direct sunlight, but also do not keep it in the shade. The best place is an insulated balcony with enough sunlight. The room temperature must not fall below 16 ° C. Feed the plant regularly with mineral supplements (about twice a month in summer and spring). It is better to water the avocado with warm water. As it grows, the plant must be transplanted into a more suitable container.

Step 6

An adult plant needs pinching - cut off the ends of the stems from time to time and then the avocado will grow branched and beautiful.