How To Remove A Stuck Ring

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How To Remove A Stuck Ring
How To Remove A Stuck Ring

Video: How To Remove A Stuck Ring

Video: How To Remove A Stuck Ring
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A ring can cause a lot of trouble and trouble if it suddenly gets stuck on a finger, depriving its owner of the opportunity to remove the jewelry. When this happens while trying on a ring in a jewelry salon, an even more difficult situation arises - both for the buyer who has not made the final choice, and for the sales assistant who is obliged to come to the rescue and solve this problem on his own.

How to remove a stuck ring
How to remove a stuck ring

It is necessary

  • - tap water;
  • - liquid soap or soap solution;
  • - sunflower oil;
  • - aerosol lubricant used in jewelry.


Step 1

Try to start by removing the ring without any aids, just with a little trick. Pull the ring upward, while making a rotational motion that allows the ring to pass through the widest part of the finger with less difficulty, as if sliding it. If, even by rotating the ring, you cannot remove it, give up trying and do not try to cope with it with force - you risk injuring your finger.

Step 2

Use whatever liquid is currently available - it can be regular tap water or even saliva. Moisten the ring and finger next to it, and then try to remove the jewelry again, also making rotational movements. It is possible that after the frictional force between the ring and the surface of the finger decreases, you can easily remove it.

Step 3

Lather your finger with the ring, try to get the soapy water between the ring and the finger, acting as a lubricant. It is best to use liquid soap for this, and any other viscous liquid, such as sunflower oil, is also suitable. When trying to remove the ring, do not make sudden movements and jerks, if luck is about to smile at you, the ring will slip off even with a smooth movement, and extra effort will not help you in any way.

Step 4

Use a specialized spray lubricant, which is usually available at jewelry stores and stores. To remove the ring, it will be enough to rub it and your finger with a rag moistened with this grease. This measure will not give a result only if the finger has expanded significantly since the time you first put on the jewelry, but if you just put it on, just trying on, then the aerosol will surely help you out of a difficult situation.