How To Survive An Explosion

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How To Survive An Explosion
How To Survive An Explosion

Video: How To Survive An Explosion

Video: How To Survive An Explosion
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The causes of an explosion can be very diverse, but in all cases one should act in approximately the same way. Observance of special safety measures will help to survive the explosion without severe damage to health.

How to survive an explosion
How to survive an explosion


Step 1

Keep calm. Most of the tragic outcomes in emergencies happen precisely because of panic. If possible, try to clarify and assess the situation. If the epicenter of the explosion is not in your immediate vicinity, try to move or crawl away from the scene as far as possible. Proceed strictly as directed by the rescuers if they have already arrived.

Step 2

Try to leave carefully, look under your feet and around, do not touch bare wires and unstable structures. Do not enter buildings damaged by the explosion. If you are already in it, do not use open fire (matches or lighters), leave the room as soon as possible, do not go down partially destroyed stairs.

Step 3

In the event of an explosion threat near your location, try to lie down, so you can protect yourself from fragments. Wooden objects can fly up to 50-70 meters, metal objects up to 100-150 meters, all of them are dangerous, as they are carried by the force of the explosion with great speed.

Step 4

An explosive device, which is made without a shell, is dangerous only at close range. The most traumatic bombs come in metal or wood packaging.

Step 5

Try to hide from the debris behind any obstacle (strong furniture, column, crawl into another room). Try not to use billboards, plastic, glass and not very strong wooden objects as shelter.

Step 6

To protect yourself from a grenade that has fallen nearby, jump to the floor as far from it as possible. Open your mouth slightly (so that the eardrums do not suffer from strong noise), cover your head with your palms. The fragments of the grenade do not go parallel to the ground, but upward, so there is a high probability that you will not be hurt. Objects destroyed by a grenade explosion are scattered at a distance of 50-200 meters.

Step 7

When the blast has passed, do not get up right away. First, check yourself for injuries, make sure nothing is broken, and there are no serious injuries. Provide all possible assistance to possible victims. Wait for the rescuers and leave the explosion site under their guidance.