How Many Strings Are There On The Guitar

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How Many Strings Are There On The Guitar
How Many Strings Are There On The Guitar

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Video: How Many Strings Are There On The Guitar
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"The guitar is like a human soul, transmitting a message to the world through just six strings." But in reality, a guitar can have more strings or fewer. Often, you can already guess from the sound of an instrument how many strings it has.

How many strings are there on the guitar
How many strings are there on the guitar

Twelve-string guitar

There are two instruments from the family of guitars that have twelve strings: one has strings equally spaced from each other, and the other has six pairs of strings, as if each were forked on a classical six-string guitar. However, the name "twelve-string guitar" is precisely the second instrument.

These guitars appeared in America in the early 20th century and were popular with folk artists. Now used by musicians as rhythm guitars. It is curious that these guitars deteriorate faster due to twice the number of strings than the classical one: the tension, accordingly, also doubles. Some musicians deliberately tune this guitar to a lower pitch, loosening the strings and prolonging the life of the instrument.

Seven string guitar

Affectionately it is called "seven-string". The Russian guitar, the gypsy guitar, was extremely popular in Russia in pre-revolutionary times. According to legend, its inventor was the musician Andrei Sikhra, who wrote a thousand pieces for the seven-string guitar. Over time, thanks to the wandering gypsies, this guitar came to Brazil and found a second life there. Now the seven-string guitar can be found during the performance of Russian romances, gypsy songs, Brazilian folk music.

Six string guitar

The most common type of guitar, the so-called "classical". It can be both acoustic and electric.

Popular with rock musicians, bluesmen, bards - the six-string guitar can be heard in the neighboring courtyard and at an academic concert. There is a guitar class everywhere in music schools. For the six-string guitar, very simple compositions have been written, which a beginner can learn in a short time, and massive, complex compositions that require virtuoso playing.

Four string guitar

The four strings feature tenor guitars and bass guitars. The most famous tenor guitar is the Hawaiian ukulele, a small and perky instrument. Bass guitars are common in a variety of musical styles and are typically played in conjunction with other instruments, although bass lines can be sonorous and complex on their own.

Custom guitars

Additional strings allow the guitar to have a wider range, as well as rich, rich sounding, unusual timbre. Sometimes an extra string or even two is added to the bass. There are also guitars with two necks, they are especially popular with rock musicians.