How To Cut The Soap

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How To Cut The Soap
How To Cut The Soap

Video: How To Cut The Soap

Video: How To Cut The Soap
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The hobby for soap making has become popular, and this is not surprising. The result is very pleasant: fragrant and beautiful bars of soap with exactly the characteristics and smells you like. You poured the mixture into the mold and let it sit for the allotted time. Now the resulting "lump" should be removed and cut into small pieces that are convenient for use.

How to cut the soap
How to cut the soap


  • - knife,
  • - gloves,
  • - hot water,
  • - guitar string.


Step 1

Cutting soap should be done with gloves. Even if you are absolutely sure that all the ingredients were correct, you were not mistaken anywhere with their quantity, it can still happen that somewhere the components are mixed unevenly. Holes can form inside, similar to those found in cheese. They collect liquid. It can be essential oils, but it is also possible that it is an alkaline solution that corrodes the skin. Therefore, until the soap is finally ready, always work with it with gloves.

Step 2

Usually soap is easily cut with a simple knife. To do this, hold his blade in hot water for a few seconds, then chop. Once the metal starts to cool, immerse the knife in hot water again.

Step 3

There are fats that harden so much at room temperature that when cutting with a knife, the soap begins to crumble. The same effect is observed if it contains large amounts of salt. In this case, take a thin metal guitar string and “cut” the soap with it. The resulting shavings can be used to roll soap balls.

Step 4

If the mass is soft, but when you cut it, it still falls apart, and the recipe was followed exactly, then the soap probably has not yet passed the gel phase. Leave it alone for another 10-12 days, or you can try cutting it with a guitar string.

Step 5

Sometimes soap crumbles if the recipe is not properly maintained. It happens that too much caustic soda has got into the composition, it can also happen that some oil was not added by mistake. The soap will burn your hands, and when you cut it, you may see lye bubbles inside. In this case, melt the mass, mix the solution well and add the oils.