Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Girls

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Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Girls
Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Girls

Video: Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Girls

Video: Why Guys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Girls
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Women can say with confidence that men's eyelashes are longer, thicker, and therefore much more beautiful than theirs. But beautiful eyelashes make the eyes expressive and give our face charm. Does a woman really have no chance in this competition for the beauty of eyelashes?

Why guys have longer eyelashes than girls
Why guys have longer eyelashes than girls

Men's eyelashes are longer: fiction or reality?

Indeed, men's eyelashes are longer than women's. There is even an official confirmation of this fact - in 2004, the owner of the longest eyelashes in the world was a man - Indian Phuto Rav Mawli, and second place on the podium is occupied by Muin Buchonaev, who lives in Moscow. So why exactly are men's eyelashes longer and thicker? Objectively, there are several main reasons.

First of all, we need eyelashes to protect our eyes from dirt and dust getting into them, as well as from various mechanical damage. The man's eye in the process of evolution has always been in greater danger due to the fact that the man was a breadwinner and very often endangered.

Thick and long eyelashes for a man is also an additional measure to protect the eyeball from various injuries.

The body of a man is rich in the hormone testosterone, which is much less present in the body of a woman. It is testosterone, which is the main male hormone, that strongly affects the quantity and quality of hair on a man's body, including eyelashes.

Men do not use decorative cosmetics for eyelashes, which have a negative impact on their growth and appearance.

What should women do? Quietly envy men or come to terms with the disappointing reality? The only obvious thing is that neither one nor the other will help to become more beautiful. What do the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity need to know in order to preserve the beauty presented by nature for many, many years?

Struggle for the beauty of female eyelashes

What measures should a woman take to maintain and even improve the quality of her eyelashes? There are a few simple guidelines.

Try to use makeup as little as possible. No matter how expensive and high-quality mascara is, it still contains components, due to the effect of which the eyelashes gradually lose their color and begin to fall out.

Take care of fragile eyelashes. Eyelashes grow and renew constantly. The trouble with many women is that they do not notice how eyelashes fall out and break in the process of "careful" care for them.

Regular removal of mascara, lubrication of eyelashes with various means, unfortunately, does not add to their health.

Use colorless nutrients. Special serums serve to nourish the eyelashes and, as a rule, do not require daily rinsing. If you give preference to such eyelash care products, you can significantly improve their condition - the eyelashes will acquire shine and become much thicker.

Always remember the universal “beauty recipe”: love yourself as you are. The main art that every woman should possess is the ability to emphasize the strengths of her fragile beauty.

No one has ever argued that men fall in love with their eyes. No man can boast of so many beautiful and “appetizing” body parts that a woman proudly possesses. You need to "forgive" your dear and beloved men for their beautiful eyelashes, admire them and make the compliments they deserve!