How To Behave In An Emergency

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How To Behave In An Emergency
How To Behave In An Emergency

Video: How To Behave In An Emergency

Video: How To Behave In An Emergency
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Unfortunately, emergencies and situations in our time are not uncommon. When they arise, it is very important not to get confused and not to panic, but to remember a few rules of behavior and try to act in accordance with them. In big cities, subway accidents are very dangerous, there are special instructions for this case.

How to behave in an emergency
How to behave in an emergency


Step 1

If a fire broke out in a subway car, immediately inform the driver about the incident via the intercom and do what he tells you. Try to calm passengers down to avoid panic. If the smoke is strong, close your eyes and breathe through a handkerchief.

Step 2

There are fire extinguishers under the seats, use them to try and fight the fire. Try to go to the part of the carriage not covered by the fire, shoot down the flames with clothes, fill it with soda, juice, milk, any non-flammable liquids. Do not try to stop the train with a stop crane in the tunnel - this will only make it difficult to evacuate and extinguish the fire.

Step 3

Stay in place while the train is moving. Upon arrival at the station and after opening the doors, let the children and the elderly go ahead, check if there are any people left in the carriage, and get out yourself. If you see fire extinguishers and other means to extinguish a fire, help the metro workers fight the fire.

Step 4

If the train stops in the tunnel, do not leave it without the command of the driver, do not touch the metal body of the car before the voltage is disconnected. When they are allowed to leave, open the doors or kick out the windows. Move forward along the train to the station. Walk along the track in single file between the rails, do not touch the current-carrying buses, they lie on the side of the rails.

Step 5

Be careful when leaving the tunnel, at the arrows, beware of the oncoming train. If the damaged train moves from its place and rides at you, take cover in a special niche or press yourself against the wall. If the tunnel is heavily smoke-filled, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief and lie on the ground.

Step 6

If a fire breaks out in the lobby, the attendant will only let the escalators go out, leaving one for doctors and firefighters. Move towards the exit. Always keep calm, it will help you remember all the tips and help other people.

Step 7

Never panic - you yourself can become a victim of it, the crowd in a state of madness is uncontrollable and very dangerous. If you see a person who has had a tantrum, slap him in the face. Hold the mindlessly running with sharp commands "do not run", "sit", "lie down".

Step 8

Once in a running crowd, move with everyone at the same speed. Eliminate the possibility of getting caught on anything unbuttoned clothing, bag or hair. Bend your arms at the elbows and clasp in front of you, this will protect the chest from squeezing. Remember that the most important thing in such a situation is not to fall!

Step 9

Gradually move to the edge to get out of the crowd when the opportunity arises. Do not press against walls, you may be crushed. Metro stations can withstand explosions, do not be afraid of their destruction, you should be more afraid of glass stalls and booths.