How To Bend An Aluminum Profile

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How To Bend An Aluminum Profile
How To Bend An Aluminum Profile

Video: How To Bend An Aluminum Profile

Video: How To Bend An Aluminum Profile
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Aluminum is the most convenient metal for creating various homemade creations, since it bends easily and has a relatively low melting point. If you like to do something with your own hands, you probably have a question about how to bend an aluminum profile. In fact, the problem isn't even bending the aluminum - it's not that hard to do. The real problem is to bend it evenly, without "accordion" and cracks.

How to bend an aluminum profile
How to bend an aluminum profile


  • - gas-burner;
  • - sifted river sand;
  • - pipe bender;
  • - listogib;
  • - three-roller rolling machine;
  • - cutter or grinder;
  • - soap.


Step 1

To bend an aluminum pipe, take fine river sand (preferably sifted) and calcine it; the sand must be completely dry. Fill it very tightly into the tube and close it on both sides with wooden rivets, and the second is better to hammer with a hammer, so that the sand becomes even more compact. Bend the pipe - if everything is done correctly, it will bend evenly and without corrugations ("accordions"). In no case violate the listed conditions, otherwise the pipe may go ellipse or even break at the seam.

Step 2

To facilitate bending, additionally heat the pipe with sand with a burner - then you can bend it simply by hand, without much effort.

Step 3

If you need to bend a large number of pipes, buy a pipe bender for the required diameter - with its help you can bend pipes quickly and easily. To speed up the process even more, heat the metal.

Step 4

Another option for bending pipes: heat the aluminum tube to make it plastic, pour water into it and freeze it. When the water freezes, bend the pipe.

Step 5

Place a spring or reinforced plastic tube into the pipe so that it folds evenly.

Step 6

To bend an aluminum corner, heat it up with a burner and bend it in several stages.

Step 7

For high-quality bending of the corner, use a three-roller rolling machine or roll it on rollers where there is a board for the corner.

Step 8

To evenly bend the aluminum sheet, take a cutter, for example, turned from a thin file, and make wide cuts (grooves) along the marked lines, at least half the thickness of the sheet. Then carefully fold the sheet towards the groove - the line will turn out to be very even. You can also cut the sheet with a grinder - to do this, limit the depth of the cut and cut the sheet evenly along the marked line.

Step 9

If you need to bend a small sheet (up to 0.5 m), put a metal channel, a corner or a wooden bar in place of the bend, fix and pull the sheet through it. Bend the sheet very carefully with a mallet for delicate work.

Step 10

Bend large sheets using sheet bending machines.