What Color Are Tulips

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What Color Are Tulips
What Color Are Tulips

Video: What Color Are Tulips

Video: What Color Are Tulips

There are millions of different kinds of flowers. They invent new ones, revive the old ones. But the most beloved female flower is still the tulip. Tulips come in many varieties and shades. In flower shops, the eyes of this holiday of colors are simply scattered. There are over 1,800 tulip shades in total.

Tulips simply captivate with their spontaneity and abundance of color
Tulips simply captivate with their spontaneity and abundance of color

Tulips simply captivate with their spontaneity and abundance of color.

Red tulips

Red tulips appeared at the beginning of the last century. This shade of flowers was brought out by the breeder Derek Lefeber, who was engaged in the cultivation of tulips. Initially, this variety was named after its discoverer, but over time, the new name Red Emperor was established. Later, a whole genus of tulip-emperors appeared.

Pink and peach tulips

The most popular variety of pink tulips is Hatsusakura. The color of this variety can range from almost white to crimson. Starting flowering pink, the variety tends to dissolve a white bud. Also popular is the Epricot Beauty variety. Its buds have a delicate peach shade, and in the sun they become virtually transparent.

Black tulips

The main variety of black tulips is the Queen of the Night. If the sky is overcast and the sun does not shine on the buds, then they become completely black. However, in fact, black tulips do not exist in nature. The Queen of the Night buds have a maroon or deep purple hue. Only in the sun is it possible to see that the flowers are not black at all.

Brown tulips

They are mainly represented by the varieties Abu Hassan and Gavota. These tulips look amazing. Rich brown buds are framed with a bright yellow border. These tulips are disease resistant and have a long shelf life. The difference is that Abu Hasan is the most convenient for breeding, as it is more fertile.

Green tulips

These are tulips of late flowering. The main varieties are China Town and Golden Atist. The buds of these varieties are very strong and have an original petal shape. The decorativeness of these varieties is complemented by large emerald leaves with a white border around the edges.

White tulips

These tulips are irreplaceable in the garden, they will contrast favorably against the backdrop of greenery. Angels Wish has a yellowish tinge at the beginning of flowering and becomes snow-white when dissolved. The Cardinal Minjenti variety belongs to terry tulips and in full dissolution the buds become 10-12 cm.

Here are just a few of the main shades of tulips. But it is from these flowers that breeders are trying to get new hybrids in order to further delight tulip lovers.

In addition, the color of the tulip is believed to convey a touch of feeling. So, a white tulip will tell about frustrated hopes, a black one - about the desire to be together all life, red - about love and passion, yellow - about the desire to leave.