How To Smelt Silver

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How To Smelt Silver
How To Smelt Silver

Video: How To Smelt Silver

Video: How To Smelt Silver
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You can use a homemade smelter to melt silver at home. Its main element will be a powerful transformer that will heat the carbon-graphite powder up to 3000 ° Celsius. This makes it possible to melt most of the metals, including silver.

How to smelt silver
How to smelt silver


  • - Powerful transformer;
  • - carbon-graphite powder;
  • - 2 brushes from a powerful electric motor;
  • - asbestos tiles;
  • - mica;
  • - stranded copper wire with a diameter of 5 mm;
  • - insulated copper wire with a diameter of 6-7mm;
  • - wire for tying the oven.


Step 1

Assemble the asbestos tile electric furnace box. If there is no asbestos (it is rare today), then you can use cement tiles. Tie the resulting box on the sides with soft wire. The size of the oven should be about 10 x 7 x 5 cm. In such an oven you can easily melt about 70 grams of silver.

Next, drill 2 holes with a diameter of 6 mm in the brushes of the electric motor. Install the electrodes from the brushes of the electric motor from the ends of the box. Use mica as a lining on the ends of the furnace. Slide a stranded copper wire into each electrode, and nail the wires into the holes to secure them. Pour carbon-graphite powder into the box.

Step 2

Place the oven on an insulating stand that can be a brick. Connect the oven to the transformer with insulated copper wire. Connect the transformer to the mains.

Step 3

Allow the oven to warm up for 5-7 minutes before melting. Provide good ventilation at this time. Place the silver in a glass medicine vial. Place the ampoule in carbon-graphite powder. If your silver piece does not fit into the Apula, you can put it directly in graphite. The metal will melt, but hardly spread over the furnace. After the ampoule and powder have melted, disconnect the transformer from the mains. Remove the molten glass crust from the silver ball.