How To Determine The Quality Of A Product

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How To Determine The Quality Of A Product
How To Determine The Quality Of A Product

Video: How To Determine The Quality Of A Product

Video: How To Determine The Quality Of A Product
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A product is any consumer product, a thing that is the main object of market relations between the seller and the buyer. All people make purchases in the market or in stores, and are not always satisfied with the quality of the purchased goods. But there are simple ways to determine the quality of products, and to protect yourself and your family from negative consequences.

How to determine the quality of a product
How to determine the quality of a product


Step 1

To check the quality of the milk, put a small drop on your nail. In this case, the milk diluted with water will spread, and a drop of undiluted fresh milk will not change its shape. In addition, milk that has been diluted with water becomes more liquid and has a bluish tint, and high-quality good milk is white, sometimes with yellowness, but certainly thick.

Step 2

Fresh sour cream always has a uniform thick texture, yellowish or white with a slightly sour aftertaste. If sour cream is bitter and has an unpleasant smell, it means that it is stale.

Step 3

Good fresh cottage cheese is always white or light yellow in color, with a sour taste and smell. It should be neither too wet nor too dry.

Step 4

When buying fresh fish, pay attention to the scales. It should be covered with transparent but clean mucus, be smooth and fit snugly to the fish's body. Fresh fish always have prominent and shiny eyes. One of the main indicators of fish freshness is the color of the gills. They should be dark or light red in color, without mucus. When you press down on the fish with your finger, the trail should quickly level out.

Good quality fresh frozen fish have slightly sunken eyes and slightly pale gills.

Step 5

Quality meat has a thin, light red or light pink crust. Press down on the meat with your finger. A quickly leveled footprint speaks of the quality of the meat. The incision site is slightly moist, but firm and elastic. If you touch the meat and find that your fingers have become sticky, then it has begun to deteriorate. Quality meat may have a slight characteristic odor. If you smell potassium permanganate, vinegar or something else, most likely a negligent businessman tried to "revive" him in order to pass off spoiled meat as fresh.

Step 6

When buying a bird, pay attention to the skin. It should be dry, even yellowish in color. Chickens have light skin, with blue veins under the wings. And the middle-aged bird has an old, rough skin without veins. You can also check the bird with a simple click.

Knowing these simple indicators will help you make the right choice when buying meat and dairy products.