How To Slaughter A Pig

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How To Slaughter A Pig
How To Slaughter A Pig

Video: How To Slaughter A Pig

Video: How To Slaughter A Pig
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If you are just starting to breed pigs, you will soon face the need to slaughter animals. It should be noted that this is a rather difficult matter, and therefore you should carefully study the slaughtering procedure before proceeding with it. It is best to slaughter a piglet in specially equipped slaughterhouses. But you can carry out this procedure at home, it is only important to follow the rules and prepare the place.

How to slaughter a pig
How to slaughter a pig


  • - knife;
  • - rope;
  • - cloth napkins;
  • - basin or bucket;
  • - soldering lug;
  • - water.


Step 1

Do not feed the pig before slaughter. Be sure to wait a period of 10 - 12 hours. At this time, the piglet is not given food, but water can be given to drink in large quantities.

Step 2

Hang the pig in an upright position, and only in this way strike. There are several methods of slaughter: you can cut the carotid arteries at the base of the neck with a knife, or stab into the heart. In the first case, the carcass will bleed very quickly. But in the second case, it is recommended to immediately close the knife hole with a dry, clean cloth, and collect blood only before starting cutting the carcass. In any case, the piglet must be suspended long enough for the blood to come out: the less it remains, the tastier the pig meat will be. In addition, if it is not enough to bleed, the shelf life of the pork will be much shorter.

Step 3

Singe the bristles or skin the piglet. More often, of course, only a thorough singeing of the skin is performed. The bristles must be scorched either with a special torch or with a blowtorch, and then scrape off the upper burnt layer with a knife. It is necessary to water with warm water and scrape off the skin until the carcass of the pig is clean. Only this method ensures the softness of lard made from pork meat.

Step 4

Butcher the carcass. First of all, it is necessary to collect blood in the chest cavity. At the same time, a basin is placed under the pig's carcass, into which the blood flows. Then the bloodless carcass must be wiped off with clean cloth napkins. The inside of the carcass is not washed - this can quickly spoil the pig's meat. Then all the insides are removed from the carcass, and at this the procedure is considered complete.