How To Restrain Yourself From Eating

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How To Restrain Yourself From Eating
How To Restrain Yourself From Eating

Video: How To Restrain Yourself From Eating

Video: How To Restrain Yourself From Eating
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In pursuit of a slim figure, many face the same problems. Diet, exercise … All of this, of course, helps to lose excess weight. But it does not in any way affect the constant feeling of hunger.

How to restrain yourself from eating
How to restrain yourself from eating


Step 1

Reduce portions

As you know, the stomach has the ability to stretch, that is, to increase in volume from the amount of food consumed. Accordingly, more food - more stomach - more appetite. To gradually reduce the volume of this important digestive organ, divide your meals 5-6 times a day. Try to eat a little each time, so that the amount of food you eat fits in your palms. And this does not mean that you need to limit the consumption of meat, bread, vegetables. Try to just take smaller pieces. Over time, the stomach will tighten, and you will want to eat much less, because much less food will fit in it.

Step 2

Eat fruits and vegetables

Trying to restrain themselves from eating, people often incorrectly refuse vegetables and fruits in favor of meat and bread (while thinking that they can be full of them for a longer time). They do it absolutely in vain. After all, it is fruits and vegetables that contain carbohydrates and healthy fibers, which saturate and are processed by the body for a long time. In addition, they contain many vitamins, minerals and water essential for the body.

Step 3

Have breakfast

Those grandmothers are right who every morning by the ears pull their grandchildren to the table with porridge. Breakfast aims to energize the body for the waking period. By skipping this most important meal, you program yourself to fill that gap in the evening.

Step 4

Slow down

People are used to eating food without looking or thinking about it. And this is fundamentally wrong. To begin with, by accelerating the pace, you are adding digestive problems to the stomach - poorly chewed pieces that are absorbed are harmful to the digestive system. Think about the hypothalamus. It is the part of the brain that is responsible for feeling hungry and full. The satiety signal is received there within about 18-20 minutes after the start of a meal. That is, each person has 20 minutes to throw in the amount of food that he can manage. Eat slowly, enjoy the food by chewing it thoroughly, and then you will significantly reduce the amount.

Step 5

Drink water

By taking a glass of warm water before each meal, you will reduce the free volume of the stomach, because part of it will already be full. Thus, the amount of food will decrease. If you feel hungry in the evening, after dinner, then also drink warm water. Try adding lemon juice and some honey there. This will save you from unnecessary overeating at night, giving you a feeling of fullness.