How To Stifle Hunger

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How To Stifle Hunger
How To Stifle Hunger

Video: How To Stifle Hunger

Video: How To Stifle Hunger
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Fighting hunger is hard enough. A striking evidence of this is the fact that some diets end almost on the very first day from their beginning. However, not everyone knows that you can muffle this feeling completely without harming your figure.

How to drown out hunger
How to drown out hunger


Step 1

If your hunger is triggered by anxiety, know that the cause is cortisol, which begins to be produced under stress. One of its features is that it interferes with the production of the satiety hormone leptin. Breathing exercises will help you to drown out the feeling of hunger in a stressful situation. Relax, take a deep breath, count to five and exhale slowly, again count out five seconds and inhale. It is necessary to do such gymnastics for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Exercise and do a variety of physical activities. This will help not only cope with hunger, including its psychological aspect, but also bring you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Step 3

Don't forget about aromatherapy. It's not a secret for anyone that since there are mouth-watering smells, it means that there are aromas that drown out this feeling. One of the most famous among them is the aroma of vanilla. Therefore, when you feel hungry, you can inhale the smell of essential oil or take a bath or shower with cosmetics that smell of vanilla.

Step 4

Don't be tempted. When you are hungry, and your fridge is full of goodies unhealthy for your figure, it is no doubt almost impossible to resist. Therefore, try not to have those foods for which you have a particular weakness. It is also worth dealing with your feelings - what exactly gives you the impetus to the fact that you have an irresistible desire to eat something. For example, if the reason is an ice-cream kiosk, mouth-watering creamy pastry or a pizzeria, maybe you should try going to work down another street?

Step 5

As soon as you start feeling hungry, drink a glass of green tea (with lemon) or mineral water. If the hunger is strong enough, you can mix half of the chicken stock in hot water and drink it instead.

Step 6

You can try to cheat hunger and other methods. So, for example, you can eat some fruits or berries. If you don't want anything sweet, this is not a reason to go and make yourself a sandwich. You can also eat something vegetable, for example, it can be a tomato, cucumber or cabbage leaf.