How To Check Bonuses On The "Sportmaster" Card

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How To Check Bonuses On The "Sportmaster" Card
How To Check Bonuses On The "Sportmaster" Card

Video: How To Check Bonuses On The "Sportmaster" Card

Video: How To Check Bonuses On The "Sportmaster" Card
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Customers of the Sportmaster store are issued a cumulative bonus card. For each purchase, a certain number of points is credited to this card, which can be spent to pay for goods in the Sportmaster store or to receive a discount. Participation in the club program allows you to pay for purchases in the online store.

How to check bonuses on the card
How to check bonuses on the card


Step 1

To register in the program, you need to make a purchase in the Sportmaster store and fill out a participant's questionnaire. After that, the store employee will issue a plastic program participant card.

Step 2

You can get the card through the website When registering, you don't even need to make a purchase here. A buyer who has become an online program participant has the right to participate in the bonus system without receiving a card (using SMS authorization) or to receive a club card in any Sportmaster store.

Step 3

The club card gives its owner the right to receive and use bonuses in all Sportmaster, Sportmaster-Discount stores, as well as in the online store

Step 4

Bonuses are awarded only for purchases in the amount of 1000 rubles or more. Purchases with a lower value do not give bonuses, but are taken into account in the total amount of savings, which will help to move to the next level in the future.

Step 5

Participation in the Sportmaster Club program gives customers a number of privileges: special discounts and promotions, information about current offers. The amount of preferential conditions depends on the level of the participant in the bonus program.

Step 6

A bonus account is created for each program participant, which is replenished when purchasing goods in Sportmaster stores. Bonuses can later be spent on purchases at Sportmaster. In this case, 1 bonus is equal to 1 ruble, but you can pay in this way a maximum of 30% of the purchase.

Step 7

Bonuses are credited to the account when buying in all stores, but bonuses can be spent only in Sportmaster stores and in the online store. Sportmaster-Discount does not accept bonuses for payment.

Step 8

Participants of the program, instead of a plastic card, can present a Mobile Card upon purchase. This is the barcode of the Club Card that you download to your phone. When you buy it, you must show it to the seller. In order to receive a Mobile card, you need to send a message with the letter K to the short number 9753. The response message will contain a link to follow, and then download the resulting image of the Mobile club card.

Step 9

You can use the bonus program without presenting a card, using SMS authorization. To do this, you need to give the phone number specified during registration, and then inform the store employee of the received code.

Step 10

The Sportmaster Club system has a multilevel user classification system. Available discounts and promotions directly depend on the level.

Step 11

The level is determined by the accumulated amount of purchases. The first level (and the blue card type) is assigned to customers who have spent from 1,000 to 15,000 rubles in Sportmaster. The second level (silver card) is issued for purchases from 15,001 to 150,000 rubles. The third, gold level, can be obtained with purchases from 150,000 rubles. Even if you did not change the card itself when moving to a new level, bonuses will be accrued based on the new status.

Step 12

Participants with the standard, first level are provided with the following bonuses. For every 1000 rubles of purchase, 50 regular bonuses are credited. Additional information is provided to the client through messages and e-mails. A program participant can reserve a product they like for one day. Also, a blue card holder can return 20% of services with bonuses (except for delivery services).

Step 13

A participant with a silver card receives the same preferences as blue card holders, but for every 1000 rubles, 70 points are already awarded. Also, the warranty period for the product is extended by 30 days. The term for the exchange of goods is increased to 1 month, and 50% of the bonuses can be returned from the services.

Step 14

The most privileged members with gold status also receive the most privileges. For every 1,000 rubles of purchase, 100 bonus points are awarded, a special dedicated support line works for them, the warranty period is extended to 60 days, and the product can be returned within 2 months.

Step 15

There are two types of bonuses: regular bonuses accrued for each purchase and extra bonuses, which are accrued in accordance with the terms of marketing campaigns.

Step 16

Regular bonuses are credited within one day. In the absence of communication with the Central Office, the term for crediting bonuses is postponed until the problems are eliminated. Bonuses are saved on the account from the moment they are credited until March 10 of the next year. All bonuses expire on March 11th.

Step 17

The crediting of extra bonuses depends on the conditions of the promotions and special offers. Within the framework of some promotions, there is a restriction on the list of goods that can be paid for with bonuses. Their validity period is from 1 week to 1 month.

Step 18

You can find out about the number of bonuses credited to your account in several ways. Firstly, the amount of bonuses is indicated on the check when making any purchase with the presentation of a bonus card in Sportmaster.

Step 19

You can see the number of bonuses on the official website of the Sportmaster store, in the personal account of the program participant.

Step 20

In addition, the number of bonuses can be obtained from the operators by calling 8-800-777-777-1. You need to give your club card number and password, which will be sent to the phone number indicated during registration.


When returning goods paid for with bonuses, their entire amount is returned to the client's club account. When returning a product for the purchase of which bonuses were awarded, the points will be canceled.


Members of the club program receive SMS-mailings, emails and other informational support of the store.


Special conditions apply to gift cards: bonuses are awarded for their purchase, but it is impossible to pay for certificates with points.


The club program has no expiration date, and the cards remain valid regardless of the expiration date indicated on them.