What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Road

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What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Road
What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Road

Video: What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Road

Video: What To Do If You Run Out Of Gas In The Middle Of The Road
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If on the road for any reason the moment was missed when the fuel was running out and the car stalled, then the very first thing to do is to calm down and stop panicking. The situation is not hopeless, you just need to carefully calculate all the options for getting out of it.

Empty gas tank
Empty gas tank

Despite the fact that modern cars are equipped with all kinds of electronics, signaling possible problems with fuel, anything can happen. And the situation when gasoline suddenly runs out in the middle of the road is not so rare and ridiculous as it might seem at first glance.

Help from outside

If you suddenly run out of fuel in the middle of the road in a car gas tank, then first of all you need to suppress panic attacks and really assess your own capabilities. Finding a gas station in an area with a well-developed infrastructure is not a big problem. You can get to it either on foot or by stopping a benevolent motorist. The situation can be helped by pronounced signs of a distressing situation: an open hood, an empty canister in the driver's hands - any motorist will understand that a person needs help.

The problem can arise at the gas station itself if the driver, left without gasoline, does not have a metal canister in stock. For fire safety purposes, it is prohibited to supply fuel to plastic cans, so there are few ways out of the situation.

The driver will either have to purchase a metal canister (not the fact that they are on sale at the nearest gas station); either look for a fellow traveler who owns such a canister; or ask to tow your car to the nearest gas station. If the stalled car has an automatic gearbox, then the option with long distance towing should be excluded.

If a metal canister is available and it was possible to get to the gas station, the next problem to be solved is refueling the car. It will not work just like that to pour gasoline from a canister into a gas tank, you need a container with a neck or a funnel.

Therefore, when buying gasoline, you should also buy a bottle of mineral water. By cutting off the neck of this bottle, you can get a good funnel through which you have to pour gasoline into the empty tank of the car.

But it is important to remember that most gas tanks are equipped with a special membrane that makes it difficult for thieves to drain fuel. This membrane will prevent gasoline from entering the neck of the tank, so you will need to use some carefully cleaned branch inserted into an impromptu funnel - the branch will bend the membrane and allow you to fill in the fuel.

Mobile communications and internet

If there was not a single person willing to come to the rescue around the car in distress, then do not forget about the endless possibilities provided by a mobile phone and the Internet.

If calling acquaintances according to the list from the phone book did not bring the desired results, and the numbers of technical assistance services on the roads are unknown, then you can leave a mark on Yandex maps with a description of the incident - it is possible that passing by will be imbued with the situation and come to the rescue.

Another option that can work is to write a message in a car club, social networks, or in special programs for communicating over the radio channel. For example, the Zello program is able to turn a cell phone into a mobile radio, through which hundreds of people communicate around the clock on different channels, and there are always people who are ready to help in a difficult situation.