How To Contact The FAS

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How To Contact The FAS
How To Contact The FAS

Video: How To Contact The FAS

Video: How To Contact The FAS
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The Federal Antimonopoly Service is an executive body responsible for creating free competition between market participants. Its actions are aimed at suppressing any attempt to limit such competition to economic entities, power or monopoly.

How to contact the FAS
How to contact the FAS


Step 1

Citizens of the Russian Federation can apply to the FAS personally or send individual and collective appeals there. They can describe proposals for improving the activities of the service, requests for assistance in the exercise of rights, a statement of illegal actions of the FAS in Russia, complaints about the violation of legitimate interests, rights, freedoms of citizens and other actions related to the activities of the antimonopoly service.

Step 2

In the written request, be sure to indicate the name of the state body and / or the last name, first name, patronymic or position of the FAS employee to whom you are sending the appeal. Then your own personal data and mailing address, to which you will have to receive a response. Describe the nature of the statement or proposal below. Please sign and date.

Step 3

If you would like to provide proof of your arguments as well, please attach their originals or copies to the appeal. Put all this in a signed envelope and send it to the FAS department in your territorial district.

Step 4

According to the law, your appeal will be registered within three days from the date of receipt, and the service will be obliged to provide a response to it within a period of one to two months, depending on the specific case, for example, if it is necessary to request additional information.

Step 5

You can also contact the antimonopoly service through the official website. To do this, go to the "Feedback" menu, select the "Write to OFAS" section and fill out the proposed questionnaire. After that, the appeal will go to the Public Reception Service, where specialists from structural divisions will prepare a response to it.

Step 6

So that your appeal does not go unanswered, it must relate to the activities of the FAS, be readable, not contain offensive language or threats. And the answer to it should not require the disclosure of information constituting a state secret.