How To Insert A Lens Into The Frame

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How To Insert A Lens Into The Frame
How To Insert A Lens Into The Frame

Video: How To Insert A Lens Into The Frame

Video: How To Insert A Lens Into The Frame
Video: How To Fit Demo-Lens Into Frames. 2023, December

As a rule, glasses are inserted into the frames of glasses in a special workshop. But sometimes the glasses fall out at the most inopportune moment - in this case, you can easily insert them back, for this you just need to understand the design of the frame.

How to insert a lens into the frame
How to insert a lens into the frame

It is necessary

  • - lenses;
  • - rim glasses;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - transparent nail polish;
  • - fishing line;
  • - heating device.


Step 1

If the glass just fell out, carefully examine the frame to see how it was secured. The easiest way is to insert the glass into the frame, which secures the lenses using small screws. Using a suitable screwdriver, unscrew the screw all the way and attach the glass that has fallen out.

Step 2

Grasp the edges of the bezel firmly with your fingers and insert the screw. Tighten it gently as tight as possible. If it is too small, use tweezers or tweezers. To prevent it from unscrewing on its own, pre-lubricate it with transparent nail polish.

Step 3

Perhaps the glasses in your frame were attached in this way: at the top along the metal frame, and at the bottom - with the help of a thick transparent fishing line running along the groove in the end of the lens. In this case, to fix the glass, try replacing the line with a new one, fixing its edges in the special holes in the frame.

Step 4

First, thread the line through the holes on one side, pull, thread into the first hole on the other side. Holding the line with your finger, cut the tip short and, pulling the edge of the frame, push the tip into the second hole.

Step 5

The hardest part is to insert the lenses into a plastic one-piece frame, first try to simply fix the lenses by hand. Attach one of the wider edges to the frame and push the other inward using reasonable force.

Step 6

Try to do it in different directions - this method often brings quick results, but you can break the frame or the glass. If the glasses are dear to you, it is better to give them to the workshop.

Step 7

To make the plastic expand and soften, heat it a little and try to fix the glass again. Note that this will make the hole larger and the lens will likely fall out more and more often.