How To Make A Dowsing Frame

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How To Make A Dowsing Frame
How To Make A Dowsing Frame

Video: How To Make A Dowsing Frame

Video: How To Make A Dowsing Frame
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Dowsing, which is also called dowsing or dowsing, has been known for a very long time. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon yet. Nevertheless, the biolocation method is used quite widely in geology, medicine, and search and rescue operations. The structure of the frames used in different fields is different. But there is one general rule. The frame must not be made of ferromagnetic material.

How to make a dowsing frame
How to make a dowsing frame

It is necessary

  • - aluminum or copper thin-walled tube;
  • - copper, bronze or brass wire;
  • - plastic rod;
  • - drill;
  • - a pencil or other object round in cross-section.


Step 1

Start by making a frame for finding groundwaters. For this purpose, you need to make 2 identical frames. Pick up the material. You need a thin wall tube and wire. Their diameters should be such that the wire frame fits freely inside the handle, but at the same time does not dangle too much. Usually, a wire with a cross section of 3-5 mm is taken, but it can be larger.

Step 2

For the handles, cut 2 pieces of aluminum or copper (brass, bronze) thin-walled tubing 4 cm longer than the height of your fist. The tube, clenched into a fist, should protrude slightly from above and below.

Step 3

Make your own frames. Cut 2 pieces of copper wire. Since the frame will need to be bent with the letter G, calculate the length of the drag. The horizontal section should be about the length of your forearm, and the vertical section should be about the height of the handle already made. Bend the wire and insert it into the handle. Make the second frame the same way.

Step 4

Such frames can be used to search for both water and treasures. When working, hold the frames in two hands so that their horizontal parts are parallel. Keep your forearms horizontal. The bent elbows should not touch the torso. When a search object is found, the ends of the frames should turn towards each other and cross.

Step 5

Change the frame for medical use and search and rescue. Make the handle from a piece of plastic (textolite, ebonite, fluoroplastic or plexiglass) in the form of a rod with a diameter of about 1 cm. Along the axis of the rod, drill a hole with a diameter slightly larger than the section of the wire of the metal part of the frame and a depth of 3 cm.

Step 6

Make the metal part of the frame. Take a piece of brass or bronze wire 15 cm long. Step 3 cm from one end and bend the wire 90 °. Insert the short part into the hole of the handle and check how the frame rotates. If the rotation is not free enough, process the metal end of the wire with a file or emery paper through the thickness and from the end. Shorten this section if necessary.

Step 7

Bend the horizontal part of the metal frame in the form of a spiral spring around the pencil, making 3-5 turns. To prevent the turns from touching each other, slightly stretch the spiral, which should be located approximately in the middle of the frame. The horizontal part begins and ends with horizontal sections of approximately equal length. This frame is used by holding it in one hand. The metal part faces forward. The dowsing effect in this case is manifested in the form of rotation of the frame in the handle.