How To Teach To Ride A Bike

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How To Teach To Ride A Bike
How To Teach To Ride A Bike

Video: How To Teach To Ride A Bike

Video: How To Teach To Ride A Bike
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You probably learned the simple truth that it is impossible to forget how to ride a bike. The only pity is that this skill cannot be passed on to someone with the same ease. What if your child, spouse or friend asks you to teach how to ride a bike?

How to teach to ride a bike
How to teach to ride a bike


Step 1

Keep a close eye on the safety of the student. Even minor failures and injuries during schooling will create a strong association of dislike. After that, persuading a person, and even more so a child, to continue training will be much more difficult. As with any sport, first teach you how to fall properly. Group, keep in mind that the bike can collapse from above.

Step 2

Make sure the bike fits perfectly with the person you are training. For a child or a woman, the bike should be light, without the frame typical of the “male” model. Do not justify yourself "When you learn, we'll buy your own." Learning from an awkward model is not only difficult, but also dangerous.

Adjust the handlebar to a comfortable height. Raise the seat - ideally, your extended legs should be just enough to reach the pedals, but training requires the ability to put your feet on the ground. When teaching balance, the pedals can be removed altogether.

Step 3

Teach balance. Explanations will not help here - you just need practice. Choose an empty seat - preferably without unnecessary items and bystanders. Supporting the person, invite him to drive. Try to keep his weight on you, but do not let it "hang" on you - the trainee should feel that he is driving himself. Reduce your exposure over time - keep the bike behind the frame, then just back up.

From a flat surface, go to small slides - it is much easier to teach how to keep balance without using the pedals.

Step 4

When the person is able to travel short distances on their own, start actively practicing. Teach proper braking, some tricks and important aspects of cycling. For example, do not pedal when cornering: this will increase the turning radius, leading to a fall.

To begin with, drive short distances, up to 1 km, gradually increasing them. However, please note that for children 12-13 years old, the maximum distance is 15 km, 14-15 years old - 15-20 km. The capabilities of adults depend on their predisposition to sports. Remember to ask if the trainee is too tired. And encourage him for every personal feat.