How To Repaint A Bike

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How To Repaint A Bike
How To Repaint A Bike

Video: How To Repaint A Bike

Video: How To Repaint A Bike
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Changing the color of your own bike is not as difficult as it might seem at first. And it is not necessary to purchase parts and a frame of a different color for this. To repaint your favorite bike correctly and efficiently, you just need to strictly adhere to certain recommendations.

How to repaint a bike
How to repaint a bike

It is necessary

Paint thinner, sandpaper, white spirit, primer, acrylic paint


Step 1

First, carefully prepare your bike for painting. First, remove all parts from the bike to completely free the frame. This will make it much more convenient to repaint your bike.

Step 2

Be sure to carry out the next stage of work in the open air, or in a room that is well ventilated. Use paint thinner to gradually remove the old coating, then sand the frame carefully, taking care to smooth out any scratches and other damage.

Step 3

If there are too noticeable scratches or dents on the bike frame, buy cold welding, with which to align all defects.

Step 4

Hang the frame on a previously prepared device (this can be a rope on a hook) and evenly degrease its entire surface using white spirit.

Step 5

After finishing the degreasing process, apply an even layer of primer. To do this, use a spray can or a convenient paint brush. Note that regular primer is thicker than spray primer. Therefore, the first is preferable to use. Wait for the primer to dry well - this usually takes about a day. The primer should dry at positive temperatures (at least 5 degrees).

Step 6

Once the primer is completely dry, repeat the sanding process to achieve a perfectly flat surface.

Step 7

Take acrylic paint - it is most convenient to repaint a bicycle with it. Such paint adheres perfectly to the surface and dries relatively quickly. The easiest way to paint the frame is with spray paint. Apply the dye as evenly as possible. Please note that you only need to apply the paint once. Leave the repainted frame in a room with noticeable air circulation. The painted bicycle frame will dry for at least a day.