How To Behave During Landslides

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How To Behave During Landslides
How To Behave During Landslides

Video: How To Behave During Landslides

Video: How To Behave During Landslides
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Extreme situations lie in wait for people anywhere. And on a camping trip, and on a long trip, and at a ski resort, and even in your apartment, you are not insured against them. To save your life, you need to know the basic rules of behavior when falling into a blockage. They are not difficult to carry out.

How to behave during landslides
How to behave during landslides


Step 1

Don't try to run away. The speed of convergence, for example, of an avalanche reaches thirty meters per second. Move across the rockfall or avalanche to its edge. There, the intensity of movement of stones will be less.

Step 2

If you can't walk to the side, try to relax and roll in the direction of the collapse, so the blows will do you less harm. Relaxed muscles take impacts more easily.

Step 3

During an avalanche or rockfall, try to climb a hill, a stable rock or tree. Or try to hide behind them. Lie on the ground and group with your hands over your head.

Step 4

Throw hard and sharp objects aside, such as trekking poles or an ice ax. They can hurt you.

Step 5

During the collapse of the building, try to get to stable structures: near walls, in doorways. Stairs and elevators are the most dangerous structures in a crumbling house.

Step 6

Try to pull the hem of your clothing over your face to protect your breathing from sand and dirt. When the landslide is over, clear enough space around your face to allow oxygen to be available.

Step 7

If in the rubble you have lost your orientation in space, try to spit through your teeth. If you are upside down, saliva will enter the nasal cavity.

Step 8

Try to move towards the surface. Sometimes people die 10-15 centimeters from freedom, simply because of the fear to move.

Step 9

Try to release the trapped limbs. If you are trapped in a residential building, try to move to a safer place. Do not move if there is a possibility of shedding again.

Step 10

Feel free to shout and call for help. When carrying out rescue work, a minute of silence is spent every hour. Try singing. This will keep you awake, and the rescuers will surely hear you.

Step 11

Prepare to wait and don't panic. Blockages are usually dismantled from top to bottom so as not to cause repeated movement of the talus. Check your fingers and toes from time to time.