How To Behave During The War

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How To Behave During The War
How To Behave During The War

Video: How To Behave During The War

Video: How To Behave During The War
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War is always unexpected and terrible for any person. The usual way of life is crumbling, your life and the lives of people close to you may be at risk. Correct behavior during hostilities will significantly increase the likelihood of safely surviving difficult times.

How to behave during the war
How to behave during the war


  • - caution;
  • - keeping calm;
  • - saving water and provisions;
  • - action plan;
  • - radio or TV


Step 1

If you are liable for military service, your further actions will most likely be determined by your superiors. But what should be done to those not liable for military service or those who were taken by surprise by the war? The modern world is so unpredictable that anyone can find themselves in the midst of hostilities overnight.

Step 2

Your behavior in a war zone will be determined by two main factors. The first is the emerging situation, it is she who will push you to certain actions. So, a person who finds himself in an occupied territory has three main options for action: he can try to get through to his own people, he can go into forests or mountains to hide or prepare for partisan actions, or he can live under occupation, observing the orders of the new authorities.

Step 3

The second factor that has no less influence on the possibility of survival is the availability of the necessary knowledge. This knowledge covers a very wide range of topics, from the ability to use weapons to survival techniques. In this case, the ability to make a fire in a winter forest or find water in a desert is no less important than combat skills.

Step 4

If you find yourself in a combat area in which you do not take part, you have one task before you - to survive. It is to this that all your actions should be subordinated. While in the city, avoid appearing on the streets during the daytime, you can become an easy target for a sniper. If you do not want to draw too much attention to yourself, do not make bonfires during the day. At night, breed them only in closed places - so that no open flame or its reflections can be seen from the side.

Step 5

Save food and water. The less often you have to go in search of them, the higher your chances of power plants, water intakes. When shooting outside, do not try to see what is happening there.

Step 6

Try to carry the weapon you have secretly. If you shoot, then immediately shoot to kill. Leave the area immediately where the shooting was taking place. Do not forget that a person with a weapon in his hands will be regarded by the parties to the conflict as a participant.

Step 7

When moving, do not pick up or kick any objects, they may be booby-traps. Moving along the forest paths, carefully look at your step. Beware of "stretch marks", mines can be found under the squares of withered grass. Do not remove "stretch marks" yourself, they may be with secrets. An explosion can occur when the wire is pulled or broken.

Step 8

Dozens of books are devoted to survival technologies. Take time to familiarize yourself with this literature, the methods described in it can serve you well on occasion.