How To Silver Water

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How To Silver Water
How To Silver Water

Video: How To Silver Water

Video: How To Silver Water
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Silver is a unique metal necessary for the normal functioning of the liver, brain, and bone tissue. Water enriched with silver ions is effective for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza, stomatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, for the treatment of bronchial asthma and arthritis. Preparing structured silver water is a snap.

How to silver water
How to silver water


  • For low to medium concentration silver water:
  • - any silver product without a stone.
  • For a home ionizer:
  • - square battery;
  • - a silver product without a stone or a piece of silver;
  • - stainless steel product.


Step 1

For silvering water, take any piece of silver (coin, spoon, jewelry), wash and lower it into a container with cold boiled (or filtered) water. In a day, low concentration silver water will be ready. This water is recommended for preventive purposes.

Step 2

To prepare silver water of a stronger concentration, take any piece of pure silver. Wash thoroughly. Pour water into a three-liter enamel pot, lower the silverware, put on fire and bring to a boil. When the pot has boiled about half of the water, remove it from the heat. After two hours, the medium-strength silver water will be ready for use. It is used for medicinal purposes. They drink half a glass of such water fifteen minutes before meals for a month.

Step 3

Ionators are used to obtain highly concentrated silver water. There are different models of silver ion generators on sale now, but their prices are quite high. You can make a similar device yourself at home.

Step 4

To make the ionator, take an ordinary rectangular battery and make small holes on the terminals with an awl. Attach any silver piece to the + plate and a stainless steel teaspoon handle to the - plate.

Step 5

Dip the ionizer in a jar of water. To obtain silver water of weak concentration, it is sufficient to hold it for half a minute in three liters of water, thanks to the constant current, it is quickly enriched with silver ions. If the device is immersed in water for three minutes, you will get medium ionized silver water, and to obtain a strong concentration, you must put the ionizer in a liter of water for five minutes.

Silver water with a strong concentration is used only externally: for instillation into the nose, gargling during sore throat, or instead of lotion for rubbing the face with skin diseases.